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Types of building cleaning services every business should undertake

Commercial cleaning is not an easy task unlike residential cleaning where the area and footfall is comparatively less. In certain commercial buildings like hospitals and schools, the cleaning job needs to be done more than once a day to keep the premises spic and span. This is where commercial cleaning services come into the picture.

Commercial cleaning agencies, with their trained staff and specialized equipment, are able to do a professional task when it comes to cleaning. Ideally, there are two types of cleaning undertaken in commercial buildings

  1. Regular Cleaning: This includes dusting and mopping the floor, dusting the office equipment like computer, printer and photocopying machine, dusting and cleaning blinds, vacuuming the carpet, cleaning the washroom and pantry and emptying thrashes. This need to be done once or twice a day depending on the footfall of the building. In buildings like hospitals where cleanliness is of utmost importance, the cleaning job is usually done as and when required. In other businesses, regular cleaning is done usually before the business starts.

  2. Deep cleaning: This is done once in 2-3 months depending on the requirement. In case of educational institutions, deep cleaning is done during vacation. Whereas for other commercial buildings it is done during the weekend. Deep cleaning includes, shampooing and cleaning the carpet and blinds, steam cleaning the sofas and chairs, cleaning the grouts of the washroom, dusting and cleaning the AC duct, cleaning and sanitizing the refrigerator, microwave and other cabinets in the pantry. It also includes cleaning the exterior glass structure of the building.

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