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Because First Impressions Matter

Because First Impressions Matter

Can you recall the last time you made a great first impression? What would you term as the most difficult household chore on your to-do list? Most people would agree that it is got to be folding and ironing their clothes on a weekend. This is because people tend to constantly procrastinate their ironing and the pile of clothes on the chair in the room builds like a pile without your conscious attention, everyday. As a result, this task is viewed by any individual as an unachievable, stressful task and extremely time-consuming. 

Did you know studies indicate that it takes just seventeen seconds to make a great first impression of meeting someone new? Out of which a whooping fifty five percent of that impression is based on an appearance, seventy percent  is based on the words used and thirty eight percent is based on the tone of voice that is used. This  certainly indicates that even before someone does get sufficient time to demonstrate their abilities, the impression is already cast.

We know that ironing is a chore, that is why we at JustMop specialise in professional Ironing services in and around Abu Dhabi for silk, linen, wool or cotton materials. You may dream of your clothes to be immaculate, but guess what? Your wish does come true here are JustMop, one gets to experience the feeling of wearing freshly pressed clothes without lifting a finger. 

Our professional ironing services in Abu Dhabi are in demand by many customers, you can be assured that your garments always are treated with utmost priority with care and attention. All the garments are under the care of our experts who pick up your clothes, dry clean them and iron them. The look of the clothes is sure to leave you spellbound. Whether you just don’t have the time, ability, or desire to do iron your own clothes, put us to task and let us do what we do the best with utmost care.

  • Here are some benefits of choosing JustMop’s Ironing Service:
  • Highly trained professional quality standards with state of the art facilities
  • Reliable, friendly, flexible and efficient staff for personal services
  • Prompt pickups and deliveries
  • Affordable prices with absolutely no hidden costs
  • Guaranteed care for garments with expert staff with in depth knowledge of fabric & garments
  • Latest technology machines and internationally standardized chemicals are always used to ensure we always stand out in our services 
  • We are always meticulous about our machines maintenance and ensure that we always service them regularly
  • Extra attention to detail is given to light and dark clothes with high standard detergents and softeners 

Experience laundry like never before. Wear clean and crisp, steam-washed and steam-pressed, quality clothes that gives you a smarter look and freshness that lasts you a whole day. If your especially pressed for time or are you looking for professional ironing services, end your search right here in Abu Dhabi. You can also visit our website to know more about us. Our team will be more than happy to reach out to you.

P.S. : We treat your clothes as if they were our own. We feel that you and your clothes deserve the best. Always.