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احجـز الآن

Your trustworthy Maid Service in Dubai

It is not easy to keep the house clean all the time. With work, school, children, guests and our lifestyle it can be a stressful task to make sure that your home is consistently neat and tidy. Everyone considers hiring a maid. Maids can make sure that the messy home turns into a sparkling and relaxed space in no time. Finding maid service in Dubai is not a easy task. We understand finding the right maid who can take care of the house and keep it clean the way you want it is not easy. It’s a great accomplishment to find someone you can trust your house with and also someone who is not very costly.
Keeping the above things in mind we, at JustMop make sure that the exact problems are met without any hassle. We make sure that you don’t have to worry about dusting, mopping, piled up clothes, dirty dishes, picking up after the kids or even the dirty bathrooms. All you have to do is just sit back, relax and book us.
JustMop is reliable, caring and most importantly professional. We make sure that you get the best maids in Dubai. JustMop maid service delivers home cleaning that is quick, efficient, friendly and environmentally responsible. We provide a cleaning services that you can fit to your needs. Be it your residential house cleaning, office cleaning, party cleaning, moving in and out, maid service, we will be at your service.
We make sure that your home cleaning is done around your schedule and it will efficiently meet your needs. The maids always wear proper attire and are well trained. All the maids use the best tools and equipments for the cleaning activity. They are well dedicated and trustworthy, 100% focused on delivering good quality work. You can relax and put your mind at ease knowing that you are using best and premium cleaning service provider.
We introduce you to the Dubai’s best maid cleaning service, where we believe in earning your trust. Your trust is just as important as a clean home. That is the reason we make sure to perform every clean according to your needs and requirement. We look forward in making sure your home clean and sparkling while you get some free relaxed quality time.
JustMop maid services will include complete house cleaning.
We will dust and wipe every surface in the bedroom, this will include windows, side tables, lamps. If you have any picture frames or paintings hanging, we will clean them. Fold your piled up clothes. Mirrors, dresser or any other furniture will also be wiped properly. We will also make your bed. If you have fresh linens out, we can use then as well. Our professional maids will complete the cleaning of your bedroom by thoroughly vacuuming/mopping it.
We will wipe clean countertops, basins, mirrors, faucets, tub, shower and surrounding areas. Our professional maids will clean the tiles, inside and outside of the tub, showers, sanitize the toilet. Hang the towels. We will end the bathroom cleaning with vacuuming and moping the floor.
Living room
We will dust and wipe every surface in the living room, including windows, side tables, lamps. We will wipe the dust from the picture frames and paintings. All the furniture will be wiped properly. Our professional maids will complete the cleaning of your living room by thoroughly vacuuming the carpet, mopping the floor.
Dining room
We will dust and wipe every surface in the dining room. All the furniture like the table, chairs, cart will be properly wiped and arranged. Our professional maids will complete the cleaning of your dining room by thoroughly mopping the floor.
We will start by wiping the countertops, small appliances. We will clean the inside and outside of microwave, oven, fridge, stoves. We will clean the dishes and will finish the kitchen by mopping the floor.