5 Things You Can Do Instead of Ironing

5 Things You Can Do Instead of Ironing

You haven’t misread the title! Ironing is the most hated of all household chores. Ironing, along with the laundry, steals your precious time when there are many things which you could actually spend your time on. It’s pretty easy to lose the balance between work, personal life and household chores. With the help of professional cleaning services, you can pick what to do in your spare time. This post is all about showing all the better things you can do instead of ironing.

Family & friends time: The most important thing is and should always be our loved ones. A clean house is a sign of a wasted life unless it’s done by a full-time maid service. All the time you spend on household chores could be used to gather together with family and friends. Especially if you have children they need you to be around and spend time with them. Don’t steal that from them.

Gardening: Ironing requires your effort and your time. To minimise it you have to choose the right equipment. If you enjoy ironing for some reason you can have a look at this post. What we recommend is instead of picking the right tools for better and -if possible- easy ironing opt for a better life and spend your time choosing the right equipment for gardening. Dealing with the soil and plants is much better than dealing with the wrinkles. All you need to do is to book an ironing service from Justmop and pick the right plants for your garden or balcony.

Explore: Life is too short to spend on ironing. Decide where to head next instead of where and when to iron the laundry. Dubai is a living city and you should make the most of it while you can. Also because it’s located perfectly to discover the world. You can hop on a plane and take long vacations. Make the only steam you smell the steam caused by tropical weather.

Take a course: You spend a few hours every week or maybe even more on ironing depending on the household. Isn’t it time for you to leave ironing to the professionals and put your time to good use for the language you always wanted to speak, the cuisine you wanted to explore or the dance moves you desperately wished to do?

Spoil yourself: You deserve better! Treat yourself with whatever your body needs. Take long walks when the weather is suitable, meditate, spoil your body, go to the spa, take a swim and feel alive and free. Don’t wait for special days to spoil yourself.

Home cleaning, deep cleaning, ironing, laundry or any other household chores are all time-consuming. But when you have a helper you don’t need to worry about the pile waiting to be washed and ironed or the home cleaning. All household chores can be done by our professional cleaning team. You can demand a full-time maid or book a maid whenever you need. You can also pick the service on your need. You name it Justmop is there! Check out the Justmop website or Android & IOS apps to find the right cleaning service for you and your house.

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