5 Tips For Saving Time In The Kitchen

5 Tips For Saving Time In The Kitchen

Cleaning and getting the house tidy can be intimidating. Simple things can save you time, effort and also money. Let’s start with your kitchen! Here are five tricks for you to help cleaning your kitchen.

Super quick way to clean your blender: You had just mad a delicious smoothie but before enjoying your yummy drink we highly recommend to spare few minutes and clean the blender first. If you leave it by the sink it will get dry quickly and you will spend more effort and water to clean it. All you have to do is to add 1 or 2 squirts of liquid dish soap in the blender and fill until one third full with hot water. Turn on high for 10 seconds. Dump out the the soapy water and rinse with hot water. Your blender is ready to use again.

Wash your blender as soon as you finish using it.

Naturally clean your coffee maker: Your best friend in the morning needs to be cleaned up once in a month. You wouldn’t believe but your coffee maker may have mold growing in it. There is a natural and easy way to get rid of mold and coffee grounds: vinegar, what a surprise, right? Fill the water chamber with equal parts water and white vinegar. Turn on the brew cycle, and then turn off halfway through. Let it sit for an hour and turn on the brew cycle. Run three quick cycles of water through the coffee maker. Now you can enjoy better and safer cup of joy.

White vinegar will make your coffee maker mold free.

Banish coffee stains from your cups: Actually, it’s possible to avoid them in the first place. If you never leave coffee remains in the cup you will never have stains in it. All you need to do is to rinse even just with water after you drink your coffee. But if those stains are inevitable for you there is an easy way to banish them. Rinse cup in warm water. Dampen a soft cloth, sprinkle one tsp of table salt and add a drop of dish soap. Rub inside the mug until the stain disappears. Et voila!

Just a pinch of salt will make your stained coffee cups brand new.

Get stuck on food off your bake ware: If you’ve tried everything but couldn’t get rid of the stubborn food stuck on the bake ware, it seems you have nothing to lose to give this hack a try. Fill up the kitchen sink with hot water, throw in the bake ware and, here comes the hack, a dryer sheet. Let it soak all day. Your kitchen will smell like fresh laundry, who can resist that? The more you let it sit the more the food becomes soft. When you decide it is enough, wash the bake ware with warm water.

Use dryer sheet to soften stubborn food stucked on your bake ware.

Clean your stainless steel appliances: Even though stainless steel appliances are pretty, they are not easy to maintain cleanliness. They show every single fingerprint and smear of food that lingers on your fingers. There is an easy, natural and cheap way to clean them. Spritz the appliance with distilled white vinegar and wipe clean with a soft cotton cloth, working with the the grain of the appliance. Let it dry for 20 minutes. Give things a rub down with a clean soft cotton cloth and olive oil. Once again, work with the grain of the appliance. Use a clean cloth for a final polish. The olive oil creates a semi-protective layer that will help reduce the amount of oil marks left from your hands.

White vinegar and olive oil will help you to keep your stainless steel appliances clean.

We hope these simple tips will help you in your kitchen. Stay tuned for next post as we will give you another five tips to make your life easier. In the meantime you can enjoy our blog. If needed, you can seek professional cleaning help from Justmop to make time for yourself.

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