5 Ways To Naturally Freshen Up Your Home For The Forthcoming Celebrations

5 Ways To Naturally Freshen Up Your Home For The Forthcoming Celebrations

It is celebration time in the UAE. Apart from Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, we have our own celebrations like the National Day and Prophet’s birthday. Whatever the celebration is, cleaning and decorating our home to bring in the celebratory mood is of great significance. Here we share with you 5 natural ways to freshen up your home not just during the special days but all year around.

1) Clear the indoor air

Open your windows to let clean air in.

First clear the indoor air off any odor. Throw away cigarette butts or any other item that is likely to cause bad odor indoor. Make sure that the kitchen and bathroom vent directs the odor outside and not inside. Wash all vessels and unclean clothes, change the bedding and leave all windows open. Vacuum the carpet and sofa thoroughly. All this ensure proper air circulation inside the house.

2)Use Baking soda and vinegar to absorb odor

Use baking soda to get rid off bad odor.

Baking soda and vinegar, the most common kitchen ingredients, has the ability to absorb odor without leaving any scent of its own. Leave open boxes of baking soda or a bowl of vinegar in refrigerator, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes to clear bad odor. Sprinkle baking soda in trash cans. Baking soda and vinegar not only clear the air but also is mild and hence is safe for hypersensitive and allergic people.

3)Scent the home with your favorite flavors

Choose your favourite flowers to freshen up your home.

Once the air inside is clear of any odor, you can diffuse a natural scent. Use fresh flowers to provide a refreshing aroma. If fresh flowers are not available, then you can dip cotton balls in essential oils with a floral fragrance like lavender or rose and place it in your bathroom, bedroom or even living room. Alternately, you can place these cotton balls in a bowl of dry flowers to bring in a more natural feel.

4)Bake or boil fragrant items

Baking something fragrant like a lemon cake or chocolate cookie can do wonders to the indoor air. If you are not good at baking, then boil fruits, herbs and spices to bring in a wonderful aroma. Few of the must try combinations are a) Orange, cinnamon and clove b) Lemon, rosemary and vanilla c) Lime, thyme, mint and vanilla d) Orange, ginger and almond d) Pine or cedar twig, nutmeg and bay leaf. You can make a combination of these and freeze it and use it as and when required.

Mmm.. Smells delicious!

Following the above tips will not only ensure that your home is left with a wonderful aroma but also ensure that the items used are natural and eco-friendly.


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