9 Easy Cleaning Jobs Kids Can Try This Vacation

9 Easy Cleaning Jobs Kids Can Try This Vacation

Summer vacation is around the corner. And all you parents might be wondering how to keep the kids preoccupied throughout the day. Do you know that kids love doing adult’s work? They like aping their parents and doing things which their dad or mom does. This includes cleaning activities as well.

Here are some activities you can try this vacation which not only keep your kids occupied but also helps in keeping your home spic and span.

1) Vacuuming the floor: Buy a light weight vacuum cleaner or the one used for car cleaning and ask your kid to clean the floor or carpet. They will not only like the job in hand but also make sure that they do it properly as they are assigned an adult task.

You can give your kid a vacuum used for car cleaning.

2) Mopping the floor: Give a spray bottle with non-chemical cleaner and ask the child to spray and mop the floor. Never ask the child to use a bucket of water as it can be dangerous especially for small kids.

Don’t give them a bucket of water as it can be dangerous especially for small kids.

3) Emptying trash cans: By trash cans we meant paper bins as they would find the kitchen waste “yuck” to handle. You can ask them to put all paper in the bin and change the bin bag.

Assign them simple tasks such as taking out the paper bin.

4) Wiping the doors and window: Hand over a spray bottle with water and a microfiber cloth and ask them to wipe down the doors and windows. If you are staying in an apartment make sure that the windows are not open and that you have installed all the safety gadgets before handing over the job.

A spray bottle with water and a microfiber cloth will keep them busy for a while.

5) Helping with the laundry: You can ask the child to sort through the clothes on the basis of the color and type. Once done, they can help you fill the washing machine and the detergent rack. Once the washing is over, they can even help you hang the clothes in the rack. They may not be able to handle big clothes but they can try small ones like socks and tie.

6) Cleaning the toy storage: Another task is for them to clean their toys. They can give a proper bath to their dolls and wash their toy cars. You can even hand them a sanitizer and ask them to apply it on their toys. For small kids, they can do the cleaning task while in bath.

Encourage them to give a proper bath to their dolls and wash their toy cars.

7) Washing dishes: For slightly older kids, you can ask them to wash the dishes in the sink. Smaller kids may not be able to do a perfect job. But never discourage them if they are ready to do their part.

Every kid enjoy playing with water so give them few glasses and small plates. It will keep them busy and make them happy.

8) Washing car: While older kids can take over the job by themselves, smaller ones need your assistance. You can ask them to pour water over the car or wipe the car clean.

Boys can not resist this task.

9) Cleaning the mirror: You can hand over a spray bottle with water and ask them to spray and clean the mirror. They can either use a microfiber cloth or an ordinary newspaper for cleaning.

During vacation, make sure that you engage them in some cleaning activity every day. That way they not only learn a new skill but your task is also reduced.


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