Adopt These Habits For a Clean Home

Adopt These Habits For a Clean Home

Have you ever wondered how people can keep their home clean and neat all the time? Do you think it’s magic? If you are friends with Samantha witch that’s one thing but for the rest of us, we ensure you it’s not magic. By adopting a few habits you can achieve that too.

Start with defining the problems. What or who causes the mess? Pets, toddlers, you or all of them. It’s easier to deal with it when you know what you are dealing with.

Let’s change your habits for a welcoming, well-organised and clean home.

Put clothes away: Your clothes belong to your wardrobe or to the laundry basket when you are not wearing them. Don’t throw your clothes over a chair, on the floor or the bed. This way you will prevent clothes piles and save time in the mornings because your clothes will be right where they belong. If you find it difficult because your wardrobe is crowded you start by taking the items you don’t wear out and organising your wardrobe. You can find many different closet organisers in stores.

Hang your clothes where they belong.

Let go of extra stuff: Let’s admit we all have extra stuff in the house. 20 cushions, 100 mugs, 30 sets of Christmas lights or 50 jerseys might be a little too much. If you wish to have a clean house and a simple life then decide what will stay or go. Too much stuff leads to clutter and causes dust to pile up not to mention the difficulty of deep cleaning when there is too much around.

Keep papers organised: Don’t leave papers around. If you intend to keep bills and documents it’s easier to find when you store them well organised. File holders or paper trays are good options to store papers and mags.

Wipe each surface after use: Leave it how you found it! It will just take a few seconds to wipe the surface you use. This way you will prevent grime, grease and dirt piling up. It also makes it easier to deep clean later.

Put shoes and coats away: It’s your choice of course but we recommend to take your shoes off at the door to keep germs and dirt out. Either way, don’t leave your shoes to get dragged around the house. Put them in shoe storage. Hang your coats where they belong.

Put your shoes in a shoe storage.

Don’t leave the dishes to dry: Leaving dishes in the sink will cause a bad odour and make it difficult to get the grim off. Stick in the dish inside the dishwasher. After each use of pots and pans rinse and dry them quickly. Your counters will look clean and organised.

Dust and vacuum regularly: If you take care of your house regularly home cleaning and deep cleaning won’t be a nightmare. Find a vacuum cleaner of your choice according to your needs. If you can’t decide which one is best for you, you can read our post about how to choose the right vacuum cleaner for your home. Adopt daily, weekly, monthly and seasonal cleaning habits to make home cleaning easy and to have a clean house.

While trying to stick these habits you can also ask regular professional help from Justmop cleaning services. You can book cleaning sessions of your choice or book a full-time maid to keep your home clean and tidy. Justmop professional cleaning team will make your house spic and span.

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