Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

Carpet Cleaning Hacks You Need to Know

It’s not easy to maintain clean and attractive carpets. One way is to go with hardwood floors which are easy to maintain and clean or you can learn these carpet cleaning hacks for softer steps.

Spills: A nightmare for all of us! But don’t worry, every spill has a unique way to be cleaned. The key is to deal with them as quickly as possible. The more the spill sits the more difficult it would be to get rid of. Soak up as much of the excess as possible. Then decide your next steps:

  • Sugar based spills: Especially if you have kids this is one of the most common spills that you get. After soaking up the excess, spray the area with warm water and use a cloth to blot. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t rub. Blot by putting pressure on the cloth. When you are done place a clean cloth over the spilt area, put something heavy on it for a few hours.
  • Dairy spills: Soak a clean cloth in the mixture made of a cup of water and half a tbsp of dishwashing detergent, blot the dairy stain until it’s gone.
  • Wine spills: You can use the same method as dairy spills. If it’s a stubborn stain you can use vinegar instead of detergent.
  • Oily spills: When you end up with oil-based stains on your carpet, spread a thick layer of baking soda on the stain and leave it until it looks a little crusty.
  • Paint or nail polish spills: To get rid of this stain you will need to use rubbing alcohol which might cause damages on the carpet. So before using alcohol always try on a small invisible area of the carpet. If the carpet doesn’t react to the alcohol you can chip away on the polish or paint with a knife and dab the area with the rubbing alcohol.
  • Gum: Don’t worry if someone drops gum and steps on it accidentally, it’s not the end of the world. All you need is an ice cube. You can’t deal with the gum when it’s soft that’s why you will need to freeze with an ice cube and then you can scrap it up.

Smell: No matter how deep cleaning you think you are doing to your carpet it’s not easy to take smells out of the carpet. But this easy trick will help you to deal with the smell coming from your carpet. Mix two cups of baking soda with ten drops of essential oil of your choice. Sprinkle over your carpet and let it sit overnight vacuum in the morning.

Baking soda will take away the bad odour from your carpet.

Fur: If you have four-legged friends living with you, you know better than anyone else that they leave little souvenirs for you in every upholstered fabric and carpets. For a deep carpet cleaning, you have to remove their hair from your carpet which is definitely a tough chore. But it may not be if you know the trick. Use a rubber window squeegee or a rubber glove to rub the carpet. The fur will stick to the rubber.

Bonus: After years of use your carpet fibres probably lost its fluff. One of the worst enemies of your carpets is furniture dents. If it’s possible don’t place heavy items such as furniture on your carpets. If it’s inevitable you will see the marks when you feel like you need a decoration change in the room. You can fix these marks by placing an ice cube on each one. After the ice cubs melt, take a towel then blot the excess water and iron the area with a towel over top.

You can fix furniture dents in the carpet by placing an ice cube on each one.

If your carpets still need a makeover no matter what you try, you can reach Justmop for professional carpet cleaning services.

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