Clean Like A Pro

Clean Like A Pro

Even if you are getting paid cleaning help regularly sometimes you have to get your hands dirty. So, when you do, we want to ensure you handle most of it in a short time with good quality. We would love to show you a magical way like Samantha would but unfortunately this job doesn’t involve your nose but some elbow grease. To clean like a pro you can follow a few easy steps.

Schedule cleaning as a job: If you don’t set a goal for yourself you will easily find excuses not to start cleaning. Act like a pro and set a day every week to start cleaning. Having a clean house is such a wonderful thing but you can’t have it if you don’t start it.

Dress for success: If you are going to get your hands dirty then you should know that dirt won’t be only on your hands. That’s one of the reasons why you should dress suitably for work. Your clothes should be washable. We recommend to set aside a cleaning uniform so you won’t be heartbroken when you have bleach stains on it. Another reason is to be comfy while working. Cleaning is not a pleasant job don’t make it harder than it is already by wearing uncomfortable clothes.

Set aside a cleaning uniform.

Invest in proper tools: Use professional tools. Going with cheapest one might make you spend more effort and time.

Pick it up: The difficult part is to start cleaning. Once you start it will fly. But it will fly more quickly if you get rid of clutter first. Don’t waste the time you spare for cleaning by decluttering your home. Stop causing mess is the best thing to do when you want to clean like a pro.

Tote your tools: Prepare a home cleaning kit for yourself. This will keep every essential cleaning product and tool in one place. So when you start cleaning you will have everything you need with you. Otherwise you would waste time locating them. To clean like a pro requires to be organised.

Prepare a home cleaning kit.

Simplify supplies: To be able to create a cleaning kit you should choose the right products. If you don’t you can’t tote all you need in one tray. Rely on a few multi-purpose solutions to cut time and clutter.

Multi-purpose solutions will help you to cut time and clutter.

Get motivated: You should avoid all the distractions. Put an energy boosting playlist on and if possible involve family members or friends because it’s easier to do it as a team.

Keep motivated!

Make every moment count: Make a good plan and stick with it. Don’t hang around, start cleaning everything in your path before you move on.

Two hands are better than one: Think this as an exercise. Use both hands when you clean. Spray a mirror with one hand, wipe it down with the other. Scrub counters with two sponges. This will save you a significant time.

Tidy up for next time: To make this unpleasant job easier for next time put every tool and product you used in its place. Wash any cloths you used to wipe or dry.

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