Clean & Organise Your Fridge

Clean & Organise Your Fridge

In your daily life, you often overlook some parts of your house, and you don’t realize how dirty it can become over time. Your fridge is one of those areas of your house. It will take less than an hour of your time to wipe it inside and out. Also organizing your fridge will save you time during the day.

Cleaning: We would recommend you to schedule this task before weekly grocery shopping. Your fridge would be less full so it would be easier to complete the task and also you fill it back according to the new organization.

Start with emptying the fridge. Take everything out. This will also help you to detect uneatable food. Check every plastic boxes in the fridge and every food’s expiring date. This will also give you enough free space for your next grocery shopping. If you can take the shelves and drawers out rinse them well under the water. If not wipe them with a damp soapy cloth.

The handle and the door are the most neglected areas of the fridge. Especially the handle can hold many germs along with dirt. Don’t forget to wipe those areas thoroughly.

You can also use white vinegar to clean your fridge. It will kill most of the germs naturally.

Organising: An organised fridge will save you time especially in the morning when you rush to work.

Place all the tall items on the top shelf. Place juices and milk on the back of the top shelf. The back is where it is coldest. You can also place eggs on the top shelf.

You can use middle shelves for unopened drinks, plastic boxes filled with leftovers and ready-to-eat food.

The bottom shelf is good to store items in the bins, such as dairy products.

The drawers are best to keep vegetables and fruits.

The door of your fridge is good for the items with long shelf life, like soft drinks and condiments.

As you see cleaning and organising your fridge won’t take too long. If you are overwhelmed by cleaning and don’t want to touch anything you can ask help from professional cleaning services.

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