Cleaning After New Year Party

Cleaning After New Year Party

Lots of laughs, joy, great conversations with your loved ones, a nice dinner, party and dance! We hope everything went as you planned on the new year’s eve! After all this, we believe nobody has the energy to clean the mess left from the party. Now it’s time to make your place brand new again.

The wise thing to do would be booking a cleaning session for house cleaning. Depending the mess level you can choose to deal with the mess by yourself. But we wouldn’t recommend as we wrote before first thing you should change this year is to have a full-time maid service. It sounds like it’s the right time to start that. But if you really want to deal with the stains, broken glasses by yourself of course we are going to give you a few tips.

Water rings: Let’s start with the easiest one. If you forgot to leave coasters around or your guests have forgot to use them you probably ended up with water stains on your wooden furniture. Use white toothpaste to rub the stain and buff it with a clean cloth.

Broken glass: Sometimes things got crazy or your guest may have been clumsy and a couple of glasses were broken. Sweep up the big pieces with a brush. To pick up the rest you can use slices of white bread. The bread will pick up all the little pieces even you can’t see. Before tossing the slices of bread you used wrap them in newspaper.

A slice of white bread is all you need to pick up the little glass pieces.

Lipstick stain: It’s 2019 but some lipsticks still stain the glasses, we can’t believe it either. But luckily the solution is simple. Use 1/2 cup of white vinegar and warm, soapy water to wash them.

Floor scuffs: If the party has gone wild and turned into Dance With Me the floor might need special care. To get rid of scuff marks here are a few tips:

  • Hardwood floor: Sprinkle baking soda on the scuff and spray a mixture made of 50/50 vinegar, water and 15 drops of essential oil. Let it fizz for a few minutes. Scrub the marks and dry it with a cloth.
  • Polyurethane hardwood floor: Most of the marks can be removed with just a soft cloth. But if there are stubborn high heel marks left you use a floor cleaner and rub the area with a soft cloth.
  • Marble floor: Marble floor can be vulnerable. You should be careful what use to clean it. Mix 1/2 cup ammonia and one gallon hot, distilled water in a large bucket. Use it to mop the floor. Use another mop to dry. If your floor needs special treatment it’s better to call professionals. Justmop marble polishing experts can make your floor brand new no matter how damaged it looks.

Carpet stain: This can be a real nightmare. If you don’t treat the right way you might have to throw the carpet away. We would recommend you to book a cleaning session for carpet cleaning instead of cleaning by yourself. But if the stain is small and you feel like you can deal with it you can have a look at carpet cleaning hacks you need to know. A quick tip: you can treat win stain with a few drops of left over beer.

Carpet cleaning doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Book a carpet cleaning session now!

Melted candle wax: Another stain that might give you nightmares. But actually it’s extremely easy to get rid of it. Put a few ice cubes into a plastic bag and let it sit on the melted wax until it’s brittle. After that you can peel it with a spatula.

Garbage disposal smell: Simply run citrus peel with cold water through disposal. This will take all the bad odor coming from it. A quick tip: you can freeze citrus peels in ice cub trays and throw them through the garbage disposal next time.

We hope this year will be a year which you spare more time for yourself and for your loved ones. You can start that by booking regular home cleaning session or hiring a full-time maid. Don’t lose any more time dealing with home cleaning.

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