Different Ways To Use Baby Wipes For Home Cleaning Purpose

Different Ways To Use Baby Wipes For Home Cleaning Purpose

One of the most common products found in all houses with small children is baby wipes. They are available in a wide range of scents and comes handy when you want to clean a mess. Whether you are travelling or not, a wipe is a must have when you have a baby at home.

But do you know that baby wipes can be used for a variety of purpose? From removing makeup to deodorizing your clothes, there are a variety of uses for baby wipes. If you are planning to use a baby wipe as a cleaning agent, here are a few tips.

Clean dust on the floor: Attach a wipe to the end of the mop and use it to clean the hard to reach corners of the room. It not only cleans the area but also leaves a refreshing smell.

Clean indoor plant: Is the leaf of your indoor plant covered with dust? Do not worry. Use a baby wipe to clean the dust. Baby wipes can be used to clean the leaves of both natural and artificial plants.

It’s easy to clean indoor plants with wipes.

Clean the sofa: If you have unexpected guests coming over and have no time for sofa cleaning do not worry. Wipe the sofa with baby wipes. All dust on the surface of the sofa will cling to the wipe leaving you with a neat and clean sofa.

Clean light switches: Continuous use of light switches make them dirty fast. Use a baby wipe to wipe off all dirt from the switch.

Clean the exterior of kitchen appliances: The exterior of appliances like refrigerator, dishwasher, and washing machine get dirty very fast due to continuous use. Not to mention if they are of a lighter shade. Use a baby wipe to clear all the dirt and grime from the appliances.

Clean toys: Baby wipes come handy for cleaning your baby’s toys. It is also safe as the wipes are made of baby-friendly material.

Clean your trash cans: Baby wipe is the right product to use for cleaning the dirt from thrash can. It not only makes the surface clean but also leaves a sweet smell.

Cleaning windows: Use a baby wipe to clean the window sill off dust and dirt.

Cleaning spill: Accidents in carpet and sofa? Do not worry. Use a baby wipe to absorb all the moisture from the spill. Clean the area with vinegar and water. Baby wipes can also be used to remove the stain from your clothes.

Use a baby wipe to absorb the moisture in the carpet. Use a dry wipe for a better result.

Cleaning toilet seat: Are you looking for a quick cleaning solution for your toilet? Use the baby wipe to wipe down the toilet seat. The soothing fragrance of the wipe even provides a refreshed smell to the room.

Cleaning furniture: Baby wipe comes handy for cleaning wooden furniture.

Removing paint: Baby wipes can be used to remove paint, pencil and crayon drawings from most of the surfaces.

If you wish not to use baby wipes with the moisture on, then leave it open to dry. You can use it just like a paper towel to dust and clean the house.

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