How To Deal With Stains and Dirt

How To Deal With Stains and Dirt

Cleaning is a tough and boring business. It’s even more boring when you have to deal with stains. Here are few tips for you. We hope you find these useful.

Make Your Iron Shine Again: One day you will open your wardrobe in a hurry and want to wear that lovely white dress of yours. You will notice the wrinkles on it but you won’t notice how dirty your iron is until you see stains on your lovely dress. To avoid that, grab your iron and follow our lead. Depending how dirty your iron is you can dab some white vinegar on a paper towel and start rubbing. The dirt will start coming off. If it is not enough drench a paper towel in white vinegar, lay the iron on it for 5 minutes and start rubbing again. If it still not enough just get rid of that iron. No, no. Just kidding. There is one more thing you can do, use baking soda. Place baking soda on a paper towel drenched with vinegar and start ironing, with the iron off! Once you think it is clean enough put your iron on steam, you will see baking soda stuck in the holes come off. Repeat it until it’s all gone.

To make your iron shine again all you need is white vinegar.

Clean Your Cloudy Glassware: You can give a second chance to your cloudy glassware with the help of white vinegar. Life would be so difficult if we didn’t have vinegar. Long live the vinegar! Mix one part vinegar and one part water. Let your glassware sit there for a while and scrub with a soft rag. The calcium deposits and water spots cause the cloudy look. You can use a strong rinsing detergent to avoid it. But it’s better to have cloudy glassware than use strong chemicals.

Let your glassware sit in white vinegar and then srub with a soft rag.

The Easiest and Cheapest Way to Clean Your Washer: Well, once again all you need is white vinegar. Actually you can stop using most of the products you use to clean, buy lots of white vinegar and use it for many purposes. It would be much cheaper and healthier :). Anyways let’s get back to our main subject. You can follow the instructions below for your washer.

  • For top loading machines: Turn to the clean setting and then add 2 cups of vinegar to the dispenser. Then let it run. Just don’t add anything else but vinegar.
  • For front loading machines: Select the hot water setting and add 1 to 2 cups of vinegar to the dispenser. Then let it run. After it finishes wipe down the drum and seal afterwards.

The easiest and cheapest way to clean your washer is to use white vinegar.

Get Rid Of Nail Polish Stains: Unbelievably this is the only one which you don’t need white vinegar. Shocking! Clean the spilled area as soon as possible. Don’t let it dry. Pour nail polish remover over the spill and let it sit for a minute. Then wipe it with towels. Scrub the floor with a magic eraser if there is any stains left. For extra stubborn stains try hair spray. Let it sit a few minutes and clean with paper towel. When it is completely removed clean the area with soapy warm water.

Pour nail polish remover over the spill and let it sit for a minute. Then wipe it with towels.

We hope you never deal with any stubborn stains but if you do and you don’t want to clean it we got your back as always! Book one of Justmop professional maids now and don’t worry about anything at all.

If you have a special way to deal stubborn stains please share with us.

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