How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

How To Get Rid Of Pet Hair

If you are living with a pet, pet hair is part of your daily life. The entertaining parts outweigh the tiring parts but still trying to get rid of pet hair from every part of your house including your clothes is something that you have to deal regularly. We see your struggle as we know how exhausting it can be first hand. That’s why we gathered together a few hacks for you!

The best way to deal with pet hair is to have your house cleaned regularly. You can seek professional help from cleaning services for better results. But even if you have a regular maid service you might still need these hacks to avoid pet hair on daily basis.

Start with your pet: The smartest move would be to brush your pet every single day. This action will help you to remove loose hairs. Check your pet’s skin regularly to detect any skin disease. Keep an eye on your pet to prevent diseases that cause shedding. If you observe any anomaly on the skin take your furry friend to the vet. After the cure, your pet would lose less hair than it usually does. You can also cut off excess hair or shave it twice a year. But do that only if your vet suggests or approves.

Brushing your pet regularly would decrease the loose hair amount significantly.

Clothing: Avoid wearing anything black. 🙂 Of course not. A lint roller might already be your best friend by now. If not yet you should get one immediately. Don’t forget to also use it before washing your clothes. Adding white vinegar to the washing load loosens hair and makes it more likely to come off. If you have dryer machine use dryer sheets to dry your clothes. Static will take the hair off of your clothes.

Furniture: For non-upholstered furniture use a microfiber cloth. Dust all the surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Static electricity will collect all the fur. For your upholstered furniture use a lint roller and then vacuum it thoroughly. Alternatively, you can try rubber gloves to collect loosen pet hair by rubbing the surface. For a better and definitive result, you can book a cleaning service for soft cleaning.

Before vacuuming your sofa use a lint roller to collect hairs.

Floor: For hardwood first vacuum every corner very carefully. Use a microfiber mop to collect fur easily. For carpets we recommend you to use a rubber broom. It’s true that using it requires a great deal of effort but the result is amazing. It will get out fur that’s nestled in your carpet. Another way is to get a robot vacuum. It cleans your carpet without you even think about it. Plus it would be very funny to watch your pet dealing with the robot. To finish up sprinkle baking soda over the carpet and let it sit for a while, overnight if it is possible. It will loosen hair and take the bad odour away. Vacuum it in the morning. If you need a more deep cleaning then professional cleaning services would help you with carpet cleaning.

Bonus – Car: You can decrease the amount of the fur fallen in your car by using a special cover for your seats. It will also protect your seats from scratches. Get a few of them so when you wash one you can replace it with another one. Use a lint roller to collect hair and finish it with a handheld vacuum.

We wish a very long and healthy life for your furry friend. Please leave comments if you have any other hacks to remove fur.

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