How To Get Your House Ready For The Guests

How To Get Your House Ready For The Guests

We all received that horrifying phone call; I’ll be at your place in 30 minutes. What can you possibly do in 30 minutes when your house is a complete disaster? To be honest, even if you plan to host an event and schedule it before months don’t you end up tackling chores at the very last minute? In any scenario, we have a plan to show you the quickest and easiest ways to clean your home.

30 minutes to go: When you have such limited time you might have to improvise a little. Tidy up, dim the lights and light a scented candle.

Task list to follow:

  • Tidy up common areas, fluff the pillows.
  • Don’t leave dishes in the sink or dirty laundry anywhere in sight.
  • Wipe down the sink and countertop in bathroom and kitchen.
  • Take out the garbage.
  • Replenish towels, soap and toilet paper.
  • And the best trick, light a scented candle.

The best trick is to light a scented candle.

One hour to go: If you have time tidy up the other rooms as well. You don’t want to be caught unprepared if your guest opens the wrong door.

Task list to follow: Follow 30 minute task list and add the following:

  • Vacuum or sweep the floors. Pick the easiest and quickest one for you.
  • Clean the toilet and tidy up the bathroom.
  • Dust all the surfaces.
  • Make sure you made the beds.

Every guests probably will pay a visit to your bathroom so it’s a clever thing to tidy up this room.

Two hours to go: Then you are lucky. You will be more than ready when your guest arrives.

Task list to follow: Follow the tasks above and the following:

  • Wash towels and bath mats (if necessary).
  • Wipe the floors.
  • Clean the shower and/or bath.
  • Tidy the entrance way closet and make room for your guests jackets.
  • Wipe down the mirrors.

Tidy the entrance way closet and make room for your guests jackets.

Avoiding clutter and sparing ten minutes for household chores will help you a lot, in your daily life and also when unexpected guests show up. Whenever you need professional help you can seek help from Justmop‘s maid service.

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