How To Keep Your Pet Friendly Home Clean And Organized?

How To Keep Your Pet Friendly Home Clean And Organized?

Having a pet at home is every pet lovers dream. Thanks to the pet friendly policy of the Government of UAE, owning a pet in any of the Emirates is very easy. But since majority of the residents of UAE stays in apartments, with little open space for pets to wander around, keeping the house clean and organized can be a difficult and challenging task.

Here are a few ways in which you can ensure the cleanliness and orderliness in a house with a pet.

Keep all basic supplies handy: When you have pets at home, accidents are likely to occur. Hence, always keep the basic cleaning supplies handy. Place a towel or an old cloth in area where your pet sits the most. Similarly place a mat below your pet’s bowl. This makes it easy to shake and clean the pet hair and spilled over food. Vacuum cleaner with high suction power, electrostatic mop, floor cleaning lotion with fragrance etc are a few of the must have products when you have pets at home.

Leave the dirt outside: When you take your pet for a walk outside the house, remember to place a bowl with water and a piece of cloth near the door. Before your pet enters the house make sure that his/her paw is cleaned and dried. This way you can ensure that unnecessary dust and dirt do not enter your house. Alternatively, you can also use pet wipes to clean the paws.

Stock up on pet friendly toys: Provide enough toys for your pet to chew and play with. This way he/she will not gnaw on your table leg and create unnecessary chaos inside the house.

If you supply enough toys for your pet she/he might leave your furniture without tooth marks.

Cleaning the carpet: Pet urine on carpet can be awful. If such accidents occur, blot it off with a clean cloth. Apply diluted dishwashing liquid and blot the area dry. Repeat this till the smell and moisture is completely gone. In case of solid waste, use a dull knife to remove it and repeat the above procedure. For hair in the carpet, you can either vacuum clean the carpet daily or use a rubberized glove to remove the hair.

Fleas: Fleas are a menace in UAE during certain part of the year. Fleas can be more if you have pets at home as the left-over pet food and odor from pet’s body can attract fleas. To get rid of fleas, use essential oil like cedar, rosemary and peppermint for cleaning purpose. You can either add this to your vacuum clean bag or use it as home fragrance.

Removable fabric for dog bed: Using removable fabric for dog bed not only makes it easy for you to clean it, but also ensures that the bed is neat and clean all the time.
Last but not the least, groom your pet well. Give him/her regular wash and brush the hair daily. This will reduce the unpleasant odor and loose hairs from falling down.

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