How To Make Ironing Less Of A Chore

How To Make Ironing Less Of A Chore

Ironing is never a pleasant chore. But you can make it less hassle with the right ironing equipment and the right environment. Do whatever keeps you motivated. Turn on the radio or an energy boosting playlist. Or put on your favourite TV show. You should find something to keep you occupied while doing this unpleasant chore. Regarding the equipment we will show you the right way, so you will look fresh and crisp with less hassle when you leave the house.

Choose your ironing equipment wisely.

Choosing the iron: The essential tool is the iron, of course. So, you should choose it wisely. There is a good reason why a classic iron is cheaper than steam one. You might think going with the cheapest one is a better idea but that’s not the case. Classic irons won’t be as effective as steam ones so it will take much more effort and electricity when you deal with stubborn wrinkles.

Ironing boards: Ironing boards range from $15 to $1000. When you decide to purchase a new one you should first consider your storage area. Are you planning to hang it somewhere or do you have enough space in your laundry room? Then you should decide whether you want a plastic one or a steel one which probably last you a lifetime. Whatever your decision is you should definitely choose an adjustable one.

The ironing board you choose should be suitable for the storage area or the laundry room.

Ironing board pads and covers: Ironing boards are usually made of metal nowadays and they come with a cover to avoid extra heating when you iron. You can buy extra pads and covers in order to find the right one. It should be wrinkle free and nonstick coating.

Spray bottles: Even if you have a good quality steam iron sometimes you need more help to deal with stubborn wrinkles. A handy spray bottle of water can help you to fight against these.

Pressing cloth: This is another essential thing when it comes to ironing. This piece of cloth protects your delicate clothes from extra heat. Place it between the face of the iron and the wrinkled item. You can either purchase a pressing cloth or use white cotton fabric.

Sleeve board: If your ironing board doesn’t come with sleeve board you can purchase one. It will help you a lot to reach small and hard-to-reach areas.

Spray starch and sizing: These ones will help clothes look and stay crisp by facilitating a smooth finish and sharp creases. Use starch for natural fabrics such as cotton, sizing for synthetics.

Use starch for natural fabrics such as cotton.

Ironing water: You can add scented ironing water into your iron’s reservoir and steam onto your clothes to add a fresh, clean scent as you iron.

Even if you do it with right equipment, ironing could be a difficult chore that you have to deal with it. Just remember you can always ask for professional help for ironing.


  1. Great Article! Worth reading. If you can add some tips according to fabric type, it will be beneficial. Not every materials need same type of treatment. For example, ironing silk is a bad idea! Also, Cotton, polyester and other types of fabrics need different heat and treatment.

    Well, Someone told me an hack for ironing silk. He told me to use Ice Cube! Do you know anything regarding this ice cube treatment? If yes, can you share with me please? Thank You!

    • Zeynep Gürtanyel - April 16, 2018 reply

      Hello! Thank you for leaving a comment! We haven’t heard about using ice cubes but we will definitely look into it and let you know about our findings. 🙂

  2. Thank for useful information..

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