How to Make Your Laundry Cycle Better

How to Make Your Laundry Cycle Better

Laundry has never been a pleasing household chore and probably never will be unless someone else is doing it for you. If you don’t want to hire a full-time maid to do the household chores then you might need these tricks to make laundry less of a hassle…

Laundry basket organiser: If you are into DIY projects this one perfect for you! With this project, you can keep enough space in your laundry room while naturally organising your laundry. You can give your old cabinet or cupboard a second life. Painting and resizing it will give you enough space for laundry baskets.

You can give a second life to your old cabinet by storing laundry baskets in.

Laundry bags: Matching socks after they are dry it’s another hassle about laundry. Try washing socks in small laundry bags to ease the process.

Ice cubes to de-wrinkle the clothes: A great hack for wrinkled clothes that you want to wear without ironing them again. Simply add a couple of ice cubes in the dryer with your wrinkled clothes for 15 minutes. The dryer will melt the ice cubes and create steam that will de-wrinkle your clothes.

Lemons to brighten your whites: Throw a few sliced lemons in water and boil it. Turn off the heat and add your white clothes. After letting it soak for an hour wash them as usual. It’s cheap and totally natural.

Lemon will naturally brigthen your white clothes.

Hair conditioner to un-shrink the clothes: We all make a mistake once in a while and use the wrong program which ends up with shrunken clothes. With this trick, you can turn back the hands of time and reverse the process. Soak your shrunken clothes in lukewarm water mixed with hair conditioner. It will stretch back to its original form.

Hair spray to remove ink stains: Hair spray is a powerful solvent because of the alcohol it has. Spray it over the ink stain and let it sit for 10 minutes and then wash it as usual.

Baby powder for oil stains: Baby powder is a great absorbent. Sprinkle a generous amount of baby powder on oil stains and leave it overnight. You can wash it as usual in the morning.

Vinegar to deodorise clothes: Fill a spray bottle with 1:1 solution of water and vinegar. Spray it on your clothes and hang them outside to air dry. Vinegar will take the bad smell out from your clothes while disinfecting them. If possible hang them somewhere where they can have direct sunlight for better results.

Mini ironing board: This is very handy when it comes to doing some little touches to the clothes you have already ironed. Setting up an ironing board can be challenging sometimes especially if you are going to do that just for a little touch. You can use free space in your laundry room to set up a mini ironing board.

Mini ironing board could save you lots of sapce and effort.

Space-saving drying rack: You can’t use the dryer for every cloth. This hanging rack won’t use extra space and two of them would give you enough space for your hang dry clothes.

Change holder: Before throwing your jeans and jackets into the washing machine always check the pockets. You never know what you might find, it’s almost like treasure hunting and that treasure hunting deserves a proper place to be stored. Placing a little basket in the laundry room would gather everything you find in the pockets so everyone would know where to look when they need to.

No matter how hard we try, laundry will probably never be a fun household chore as how much fun a household chore could be? But you can forget about all the hassle by booking a full-time maid service and enjoy fresh and well-ironed clothes.

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