How To Take Good Care Of Your Bedding

How To Take Good Care Of Your Bedding

Don’t we all love and look forward to getting into bed at the end of the day, where we can relax and get away from all the stress we encounter during our daily lives? Our bed is like our sanctuary yet we don’t always do our best to give the care our bed and bedding deserve. With a few easy tricks, you can extend their lives and increase the quality of the time you spend in your bed every day.

Cleaning sheets: Well, everyone has a different idea about how frequently you have to change your bed sheets. Of course, snuggling under the new sheets feels awesome but you have to keep in mind that washing your sheets too often would break down the fibers faster. Try not wash them in very hot water and not to use strong bleach on them.

Keeping the sheets fresh: The smell of the clean sheets is priceless. But sometimes for many reasons it may lose its freshness. To prevent this you can do a few things. Before storing your bedding make sure that they are 100% dry otherwise it will smell very bad and also produce bacteria. Don’t try to store more than you can actually store. Leave some room so it can have air circulation. The best trick to maintain the freshness would be to use the lavender sachets between beddings. If you would like to read more about how you can organise your linen closet you can find more information here.

Lavender sachets between your linen would keep your linen fresh.

Soften your sheets: Instead of using commercial and chemical products to soften your sheets you can try a few natural ways. If you are enough lucky to find soap nuts around your area then you should definitely try them. It will fluff your sheets while cleaning them without any chemicals. If you can’t find soap nuts you can always try to add a cup of borax to your wash load.

Washing pillows: If you want to extend your pillows’ life you should definitely use a zipped pillow protector. Even it protects your pillow from allergens, hair, body oils etc. you still need to wash your pillow twice a year. Check the labels to see if your pillows are washable or not. You should also wash the protector case once a month. Let them dry 100% before storing or using them.

Cleaning the duvet: Even though you don’t have to wash it often you still have to figure it out how to clean your duvet. Washing twice a year would be enough to keep your duvet clean. Most of them are washable but to be sure check the label and follow the instructions.

Don’t neglect your duvet, wash it twice a year.

Extend your mattress life: The best way to extend the life of your mattress would be to book a professional cleaning service for mattress cleaning. They use the best products and know what they doing. To extend its life you can also follow a few easy steps. If you can use both side of it, reverse it twice a year. To clean and get rid of dust, mite and other allergens sprinkle baking soda on the mattress. After leaving it like that for an hour vacuum it and finish up with a few drops of lavender oil.

Clean and organise your bedroom: Researches show us that an organised room relives your mind and helps you to focus on whatever you are doing. Without knowing it clutter tires your brain. For a better sleep keep your bedroom organised. A deep cleaning on a regular basis would help you to stay away from allergens and all annoying stuff which might disturb you during your sleep.

Raising the quality of your sleep will increase your strength during day! Share your tricks for a better sleep on the comment below.

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