How To Use Cola For Cleaning

How To Use Cola For Cleaning

Probably the most preferred fizzy drink around the world is cola. But cola has other capabilities than bringing the fizz to your meal. When you don’t have cleaning products handy you can try some of these cola cleaning suggestions.

Deal with rust: If you have rusted metal objects around the house instead of commercial rust solving products you can try cola instead. How much cola you would need depends on the size of the object you want it to be rust free. If it’s a small object such as cutlery or a hand tool you can pour the cola into a long glass. If it’s a big object such as plate, grill parts or metal frame you can lock the drain of your kitchen, put the object in and pour cola enough to cover the rusted object. Wait enough for to rust start breaking down. It usually takes 10 to 20 minutes. When it is ready, scrub the object with a dish brush or wipe it with a cloth. Voila!

You can try cola as a rust solving product.

Avoid bugs: You might not like what you are about to hear but it’s the fact. Cola could help you to fight against the bugs if you are growing plants indoor or outdoor. All you have to do is to pour it in a spray bottle and spray your plants with it regularly. You will soon observe that bugs are gone.

Descale kettle or teapot: When the water boils it evaporates but the minerals stick to the pot or the kettle. The more calcium builds up the more time it takes to boil and plus it ruins the taste. When this is the case grab a bottle of cola and boil it in the kettle or in the teapot. Cola will take all the calcium away when it’s boiled. You can repeat the process until it’s totally gone. Don’t forget to give it a good rinse.

Whiten dirty grouts: There are a few ways to whiten the dirty grouts and using cola is one of these. Why not give it a try? Pour cola into dirty grouts and let it sit for a while. Scrub with a cloth and rinse it with clean water.

Cola will help you to whiten your bathroom grouts.

Clean the toilet: You have run out of cleaning products and an unexpected guest showed up, don’t panic if you have cola in the house. Pour it thoroughly into the toilet bowl and let sit for a while, brush the bowl and flush it.

Bonus – Get sticky gum out of your hair: If you happen to have gum stuck to your hair cola is your cure. Place the sticky part of the hair in a bowl filled with cola. Let it soak until the gum falls apart.

Of course, these tricks are good for cleaning but they can’t replace a real deep cleaning. To avoid the dirt in the first place why don’t you book a maid service right now?

Let us know if you have other cleaning tricks that you do with cola.

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