Miracles Of Toothpaste!

Miracles Of Toothpaste!

Do you brush your tooth three times a day? If your answer is yes that’s great, but this is not our post’s subject today. You would be amazed if you knew what else you could use toothpaste for. We want to share few tips that nobody ever told you before!

1) Polish Your Jewelry

We think it’s nearly impossible not to know this trick. But if you have never heard of it you should definitely try this one! We all have that one pair of earrings that we can’t let go even though they are more black than grey. Well, who says you should let it go? You can make them brand new with the help of a non-gel toothpaste. You don’t even need a tooth brush for that. Just use your fingers to rub the jewelry, after few minutes rubbing clean it with water. Voila! You can use the same technique for everything silver in the house, like silverware or utensils.


Rub your jewelry with a bit of toothpaste.

2) Shine Your Bathroom & Kitchen Chrome

Of course there are more than enough commercial cleaners to make your bathroom or kitchen tap shine but this trick might be handy when there is nothing to use or a good alternative if you have allergies. Rub the tap with a pinch of toothpaste and a dry cloth. This will help you to get rid of any water stains and make the tap shiny again.


Rub the tap with a damp cloth and a bit of toothpaste.

3) Clean Your Iron

If you are short of time this trick will save you time! Rub the bottom of your iron with a rag and toothpaste. Clean it with a damp cloth. Don’t even think about trying this with the hot iron!


You can rub the bottom with a piece of cloth and a bit of toothpaste.

4) Defog Your Bathroom Mirrors

This might be very useful for a crowded house. To prevent your bathroom mirror from fogging, wipe it with non-gel toothpaste before you get into the shower. This will also save time for you and for the rest of the clan. Nobody likes to wait for it to defog!


Wipe your mirror with toothpaste before you get into the shower.

5) Kill The Odours

Like it kills the bad odour when you use it for its main purpose, it will kill any bad odours in the drain when you use it to clean the sink. Just squirt some and scrub it with sponge.


Toothpaste will kill any bad odour coming out of the sink.

6) Remove Coffee & Tea Stains

You can’t stop using your favourite coffee mug just because it changes colour, right? We totally agree! What if we tell you that you can effortlessly make it bright and brand new again? You can use other chemical cleaners for that too but why poison yourself where you can use toothpaste? All you have to do is to rub the inside of the mug with sponge and a bit of toothpaste.


Don’t use chemical cleaner to get rid of coffee stains.

7) Use As Filler

You want to remove frames or decorations from walls and you have no idea how to fill the tiny holes on wall. Well, you can go shopping for an expensive filler or you can just use the non-gel toothpaste as a filler. Why don’t you give it a try?


Why don’t you try toothpaste instead of expensive fillers?

P.S: It may seem that you can use non-gel toothpaste for almost everything. But we can tell you at least one thing that you should never ever do: to use it for burns!

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