Most Neglected Parts Of Your House

Most Neglected Parts Of Your House

Even if you do cleaning on a regular basis some parts of your house can remain untouched for a long time. We have a guide sheet for you to follow in order to clean most neglected parts of your lovely home.

Pet food and water bowls: To keep your little furry friend healthy you should give a good wash of their food and water bowls. Unwashed bowls can attract pests and also it may cause your pet dehydrate. But it’s also important that when you wash the bowls be sure that you rinse them well.

Keep your little furry friend’s food and water bowl clean.

Pet beds: Your four pawed friends fur covers 99% of their bed as it covers your house. Every two weeks, vacuum the bed first, then remove the cover and wash the cover and bedding seperately following the instructions.

Garbage disposal: All the garbage you disposed leaves bacteria on the internal blades. Slice lemons and put a piece in each ice cube mold. Fill each with white vinegar. When they all are frozen use them a few times every week to sanitise your garbage disposal.

Use a few frozen ice cubes to sanitise your garbage disposal.

Light switches and doorknobs: Those areas collect a huge amount of germs through daily use. Wipe those down with a cleaning product every two weeks.

Bath mats: Mats easily develops mildew, retain dirts and germs. Choose your bath mat carefully as you should wash them every two weeks. Your bath mats should definitely be machine washable.

Your bath mat should be washable.

Indoor trash can: You may use plastic trash bags but still dirt and germs find their way out of the bag. If you don’t clean the trash can regularly it will develop bacteria and bad odor. Rinse it out with warm water and soap every month.

Kitchen range hood filter: The hood circulates air during cooking while the filter collects grease and particles. Once every four months remove the filter from the hood, gently scrub in a sink of hot, soapy water. Rinse thoroughly and replace the filter back.

Fridge coils: We bet you have never thought of it before. Cleaning coils of your fridge twice a year would increase the efficiency of the cooling system which could save energy and money. Unplug the fridge, find the condenser coils, remove the protective grate, clean the grate, gently wipe down the coils and fan.

Washing machine: You would think because it’s a washing machine it wouldn’t need to be clean. But inside the machine can get stained and develop buildup. To prevent that run the machine with a full tub of hot water, and a quart of bleach, through the detergent dispenser once a year. Don’t forget to clean detergent compartments by hand.

Your washing needs to be washed once a year.

These above are just a short list of most neglected parts of your house. It’s better not to hassle about any of forgotten areas in the house and book a professional maid service for deep cleaning.

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