Moving In And Out Shouldn’t Be A Nightmare

Moving In And Out Shouldn’t Be A Nightmare

They say it’s good to have a change time to time but well, you know getting ready for a change can be exhausting as much as exciting especially if it includes moving in and out. If you don’t know where and how to start changing apartment can be totally a nightmare. But don’t worry you can handle this easily if you follow this checklist.

Check the walls: We all like to personalise our flat with photo frames and decorative stuff. But when we do so we most likely damage the walls. When you move out remove nails and cover up the holes. If you have marks and scratches on the walls paint over them. Like in many countries, in Dubai you should handover your flat in the same condition in which you had it in the first place. If you changed the colour of any room you should paint it back its original colour.

If you changed the colour of any room you should paint it back its original colour.

Ask your landlord: It’s better to get in touch with your landlord and ask him/her to do a preliminary inspection to be sure you completed everything.

Prepare the fridge: You will need to empty the fridge, defrost the freezer. After everything is out of the fridge, spray down the interior with warm soapy water and wipe it dry. This will get the fridge ready for its next use and also will avoid the bad odor which might occur.

Clean the stove and oven: You should definitely clean all the grease and dirt remaining on the stove and in the oven.

Dust the cabinets and countertops: After removing your stuff from the cabinets and countertops in the kitchen and bathroom dust and clean inside out.

Clean the sinks, toilets, shower, and bath: Those are the most used parts of the house and they require quite attention before you handover the house. Scrub them with bleach if it is necessary.

Every sink, toilet, and shower should be cleaned before you move out.

Wipe down the windows: It’s a cumbersome task but needed to be done. Wipe down all the windows and dry them with newspaper. Don’t forget to clean the window pane and window sill.

Remove the stains on the carpets: If you don’t have any stains on the carpets then you must be very lucky. There’s a 90% chance that you stained at least one carpet at the house. You can try to remove it by yourself but you should be careful. If it’s a stubborn stain you can seek professional help for carpet cleaning.

Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans: This is also a task that you should have done once a while. If you haven’t done it since you moved in then you should at least do it before you move out. After dusting light fixtures replace burnt out light bulbs if there is any.

Dust the light fixtures and replace burnt out light bulbs.

Sweep, mop and vacuum: It’s better to leave this at the end. It will the last touch before you move out.

After completing all these steps, attend the inspection and ask for a copy of the inspection your records.

All of the above might sound horrifying. You probably think when you will handle all of these tasks while packing, organising and preparing your new house. Luckily there are some companies like Justmop providing you move in and move out cleaning service and as well as peace of mind.

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