Natural Laundry Stain Remover

Natural Laundry Stain Remover

We really hope our tips for a more eco-friendly life are helping or at least inspiring you. As we always say it is not easy at all to give up everything you use in your daily life at once. If you are really into a better way of living and don’t know how or where to start just take baby steps. Replace one thing with the eco-friendly version and the rest will follow.

What about swapping your commercial stain remover with a natural one as a start? All stain removers contain high level of chemicals so it would a good start for your new way of living.

Darker bottles help to keep the oil and peroxide effective.

Ingredients for your natural stain remover:

1 part liquid castille soap
2 parts distilled water
2 parts hydrogen peroxide
Lemon essential oil

All you have to do is slowly mix all the ingredients together. Use 5 drops of essential oil for every cup of liquid you use. It’s important that you keep the mixture in dark glass bottles. Citrus essential oil may damage the plastic bottle and darker bottles help to keep the oil and peroxide effective. It’s better if you make enough for a week so the remover doesn’t lose its stain-lifting power.

Make enough for a week so the remover doesn’t lose its stain-lifting power.

How to use your natural stain remover:

It’s always good idea to test the solution on a piece of cloth to see if it safe to use it on coloured fabric.

If the stain is protein-based soak first in lukewarm water, if the stain is a fruit or beverage stain rinse first with boiling water then spray the solution and rub the fabric from back side. Let it sit at least 10-15 minutes. You can repeat the procedure if it is necessary. When you are happy with the result wash it as usual.

Helpful tips to remove stains without any solution:

You can also try to remove stains with natural products. Of course it depends on stains or how much the fabric is ruined but there’s no harm for trying natural ways.

Protein based stains (milk, yogurt etc.) & bodily fluids (urine, blood etc.): You can easily handle these stains by soaking in lukewarm water and then treating with baking soda. Important part is to never put into dryer until you remove the stain completely.

Fruit, juice and beverage stains: You can pour boiling water on the stain and treat it with vinegar or lemon juice and soap. If you wash it without removing the stain completely you might have a brown stain because of the sugar left on the fabric.

Greasy food stains: You can try liquid soap after rinsing the fabric.

Few more tricks to remove stains.

We would be happy to hear you natural solutions for removing any stain. Please share your eco-friendly life experiences with us! Don’t forget to leave your comments.

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