One of the Most Hated Chores: Ironing!

One of the Most Hated Chores: Ironing!

Laundry is a never-ending house chore. What follows laundry is ironing. It’s even more dreaded than laundry. All the wrinkles, never-ending fights with the clothes. But actually with the right tools in hand, it might not be that horrible. We can’t really promise that it is going to be your favourite house chore, (is it really possible to like any house chore, anyway?) but we can ease the pain.

Tools: So how are you going to choose the right tools? What are these tools? First of all, you should never try to iron anything without using an ironing board. It will multiply the effort and the time you spend. Your bed or table is not there for ironing but the ironing board is. When you decide to buy an ironing board first consider where to keep it. Are you going to hang it or do you have a big laundry room? Are you going to choose plastic or a steel one? Whichever you choose the only thing matters is that you should be able to adjust it to your height. To ease the pain while doing the ironing you should set the board to your waist height.

Choose your iron and ironing board wisely to spend less effort while doing the chore.

And of course, to iron your clothes you need an iron 🙂. This is another important decision that you should make. If you choose classic iron because it’s cheaper you would have to deal with stubborn wrinkles. Steam ones would make your job much easier.
And last but not least, you should use a wrinkle releaser for stubborn wrinkles. You can find in markets’ but alternatively you can make your own wrinkle releaser. Mix 8 ounces distilled or bottled water, 1 teaspoon rubbing alcohol and 1 teaspoon fabric softener in a spray bottle, and shake well.

Mistakes to avoid: This part is very important. If you want to make ironing less of a chore then you should definitely take a look at your procedure. There might be some mistakes that you are repeating every time you iron. Let’s have a look:

1. Don’t use too much heat: Wrinkles won’t go away just because you use too much heat. Read your iron’s guidelines, and of course, pay attention to the clothing label. It might have a specific instruction for ironing.
2. Don’t iron to dry: If you have chosen the steam iron use its advantage to fight against wrinkles.
3. Use the right water: To extend your iron’s and your clothes’ life try to avoid hard water.
4. Don’t use a dirty iron: If you don’t take good care of your iron it will take out its revenge on you eventually. How? One day when you are in a rush, you won’t notice how dirty your iron is and you will try to iron your favourite white pants. You will end up with weird stains on your pants. You can check out this post to see how you can clean your iron.
5. Store your iron without water in it: Empty the water reservoir when you are finished with ironing.

Bonus: We have a few little tips for you to make ironing easier for you. Don’t leave your laundry in the machine after the cycle finished. It’s always better to take them out and hang as soon as the cycle is finished. Another important thing is to hang your clothes in the right way. Hang them carefully so they don’t get wrinkles or clothespin marks after they dry. And finally, use a hanger for your shirts and t-shirts. This way your clothes will dry without getting wrinkled.

Home cleaning and housework are a never-ending cycle. With the tips we provide we can’t promise you a rose garden but what we can do is offer you professional help from our maid service. And if you still don’t like ironing after trying our tips you can always get professional help for ironing.

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