Winter in Dubai

Winter in Dubai

It may sound funny to name this season winter as it’s way different from the winter as we know it. There is no snow nor sub-zero temperatures but still, it’s winter and it’s the favourite season in Dubai because the weather is neither too cold nor too hot. It’s the perfect season to spend time outside and enjoy the city. It may become even more difficult to keep your house spick and span during Dubai winter as the outdoor is calling you. Here are a few winter home cleaning tips for your house.

Entryway: Winter is a good excuse for the seasonal deep cleaning. You can definitely start with organising your entryway. Rain is the main weather event during the winter in Dubai. Place a doormat before your front door to absorb the water from shoes. Placing a shoe rack is also a good idea. So everyone can take their wet shoes and place them on the rack. This will keep your house mud-free and clean.

Placing a doormat before your front door would keep your house dust and mud-free.

Dusting: It doesn’t matter which season it is, dust is the biggest handicap for Dubai citizens. Deep cleaning is the solution for dust-free living area and dusting is essential for deep cleaning. When you dust makes sure you dust every piece of furniture and decoration item. Using the right vacuum cleaner and right cloth type is important. HEPA filtered vacuum cleaner is the best for deep cleaning and microfiber cloth is for dusting.

Mattress: Mattress cleaning should be in your checklist for seasonal deep cleaning. You should clean your mattress every seasonal change. If your mattress is reversible, reverse it twice a year. To deep clean, your mattress sprinkle baking soda and let it sit for an hour then vacuum it. You can finish up with a few drops of lavender oil. If you think your mattress needs more care then you can give, you can book a mattress cleaning session via Justmop.

Seasonal mattress cleaning is essential for better sleep.

Carpets: If you vacuum regularly you don’t give room for dust. When your carpets need more care than usual you can use the same trick as with your mattress. Sprinkle baking soda and vacuum it after an hour. Justmop carpet cleaning service can make your carpet brand new again if you can’t deal with the cleaning.

Curtains: Curtains are the best hiding spot for dust and mites. They need to be cleaned regularly. Make sure if your curtains are washable to wash them regularly to prevent dust building up. If your curtains are not suitable for washing you can seek professional help and book a curtain cleaning session via Justmop.

Curtains are one of the best hiding spots for dust and mites hence you should have them cleaned regularly.

Seasonal essentials: Nights can be chilly during Dubai winter. Wash winter blankets, beddings and warm clothes and get them ready for this jolly season. When you take out winter essentials pack up warm weather clothing and restore them neatly.

When the outdoors are too tempting and you can’t see why you should look the other way Justmop is here to take over your household chores and give you the free time you need to enjoy the weather. Book now!

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