12 Household Uses For Paper

12 Household Uses For Paper

If you look around for that one thing that causes a clutter in your house, it would be the paper. Available in myriads of forms like newspaper, magazine, and books, the paper is both essential and a nuisance at times.

There are a lot of ways in which paper can be recycled. It can be used for making bags, for undertaking art and craft projects and even for covering things. But have you ever considered using paper for other household things? From cleaning to organizing, there are different ways in which paper can be effectively used in the house.

1) Cleaning windows: The old newspaper is the best for cleaning windows as it does not leave any mark. For best result spray a combination of vinegar and water and use an old newspaper to clean.

You don’t need fancy tools to clean your windows. Just wipe them down with old newspaper.

2) Cleaning broken glass pieces: Whenever a glass is broken, pick up all the large pieces. Dampen a ball of paper and slowly wipe the floor with it. All small pieces will stick to it. Carefully discard the paper with the glass pieces.

3) Cleaning barbeque grill: Dampen old paper and spread it on the barbeque grill when it is still hot. Keep it like that for some time. Then wipe the grill with the paper and clean it.

4) Lining your cabinet and wardrobe: Old paper can be used to line your cabinets and wardrobe. If used in kitchen cabinets, it helps to soak oil and grease. Using paper as lining in wardrobe makes it easy to deep clean.

5) Lining cat litter box: Use old paper to line the litter box. This will not only make cleaning easy but also absorbs any bad odor in the box.

6) Lining bird cage: If you have birds as a pet at home, line their cage with old paper. It makes it easy to clean the cage later.

You can line your bird’s cage with paper to make the cleaning process a bit easier.

7) Neutralize the smell in the vegetable tray: Place a ball of paper inside the vegetable tray of your fridge. It will absorb all bad odor from the fridge.

8) Remove grease from glass: To remove the grease left by adhesive on the glass, wipe the glass with an old newspaper soaked in vinegar.

9) Packing: Newspapers are commonly used for packing fragile objects. It can be used as such or can be shred into pieces and stuffed in between fragile objects.

10) Ripen fruits and vegetables: Wrap raw vegetables like tomato in a newspaper and leave it as such. This will help the vegetables ripen fast.

11) Brighten black shoes: If you have run out of black shoe polish, do not worry. Take a black and white newspaper and rub it on the shoes. It will shine like new.

12) Use in gardening: Dampen old newspaper and lay it on the ground before adding the topsoil. This will prevent the weed from forming. The newspaper will eventually decay and mix with the soil.

Paper need not be a nuisance anymore as there are innumerable creative ways in which it can be used in the house. If you have any interesting tips to share with us, please comment.

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