5 Intelligent Vacuum Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

5 Intelligent Vacuum Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Vacuuming is a daily ritual for most of us. Whether we like it or not this cleaning chore is a part of our busy life. But have you ever noticed that simple vacuuming will not get rid of all the dust and dirt in your house? Or rather you can use a vacuum cleaner for non-cleaning purpose as well? Here are few intelligent vacuum cleaning hacks that make your life easy.

Cleaning Hack

Cleaning smelly surfaces: If you are going to vacuum stinky areas the chances are high that the smell spread to the cleaner as well. To avoid this sprinkle baking soda onto the stinky area. If needed, you can even use essential oil to provide a good fragrance.

Use baking soda for cleaning smelly surface.

Cleaning keyboard and phone base: Cleaning in between keyboards and phone keys can be tricky. Attach a squeeze ketchup bottle top to the vacuum cleaner. This helps to suck out all hidden dust from in between the keys.

Cleaning play-dough on the carpet: If your child’s play-dough gets stuck onto the carpet allow it to dry. Once dried, use the brush tool on the vacuum cleaner to break it into pieces. Vacuum and clean the broken pieces.

Let play-dough dry first then use the brush tool to break it into pieces.

Cleaning glass after sandstorm: Never wipe your window or door glass with a cloth after a sandstorm as it can leave scratches. Best is to vacuum clean first and then wipe it down with a damp cloth.

Cleaning pets: If you have pets especially dogs, run the vacuum on a low setting over its body to clean off any loose hair after brushing.

Cleaning blinds and lampshades: If cleaning blinds and lampshades is a strenuous work for you, attach the brush tool to the vacuum cleaner and run it on the blinds, lampshades or books. It will instantly suck all dust.

Cleaning blind with vacuum cleaner

Non-Cleaning Hack

Finding missing earring: Did you lose your earring in the carpet or under the bed? Cover the vacuum hose with a nylon (for convenience you can even use an old pantyhose) and vacuum the area. The earring will easily be picked up and gets stuck onto the nylon cloth.

Fixing carpet dents: If furniture is placed over the carpet you might notice dents on it once the furniture is moved. To fix this, place ice over the dented area. Once the ice melts the carpet fiber will raise up. Vacuum the area for the fiber to straighten.

Place ice over the dented area.

Refreshing the house: Throw a tissue paper with your favorite perfume inside the vacuum bag while cleaning. The smell of the perfume spreads all over the room providing a refreshing feel.

Pumping air mattress: If you misplaced air mattress pump no need to worry. Use a vacuum cleaner with a small nozzle to pump air into the mattress.

As you can see, a vacuum cleaner is used not just for cleaning purpose. There are various clever ways in which you can use it. Do you have any clever vacuum cleaning hacks to share with us? Comment below with your unique hacks.


  1. I like the part about stinking the machine while vacuuming over stench areas. I’d normally check the areas before I move my vacuum over them. For the smaller areas, I use my trusty handheld – the Eureka 71b

  2. Thank you very much for these cleaning hacks.
    Nice work. Really appreciated.

  3. Nice informative post..Thanks for sharing.

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