5 New Year Cleaning Resolutions For An Organized Home

5 New Year Cleaning Resolutions For An Organized Home


New Year is always about resolutions. Some resolve to keep themselves fit, some to quit certain habits and others to start some new ventures. But have you ever wondered taking a resolution to keep the house neat and organized throughout the year? If you are like us and is hell-bent on keeping the house clutter-free and clean this year, here are a few cleaning regime to follow.

Resolution 1 – Cut down on the stock

For every new item that you purchase this year, one item should move out of the house. It can either be repurposed, disposed or donated to charity. For example; if your kid has outgrown his dress it can be donated to a charity. If the dress has worn off, then you can cut it short and make a kitchen rag out of it. Same is the case with every other item in the house.

Buy one, donate one.

Resolution 2 – Declutter

Make it a habit to declutter the house once a month. Whether it is digging up on the pile of mail or going through the stack of toys, decluttering ensures that only those items that you need stay inside the house.

Resolution 3 – Label the stored items

Except for items that do not require any labelling as such, it is better to store and label things so that it becomes easy to locate. For example; once you dismantle your Christmas tree, store each part in separate boxes and label it neatly so that it becomes easy to locate them next time. Same is the case with decorative items and other accessories that you use during special occasions. Labelling can also be done to organize your kids’ dresses and toys, kitchen essentials and bathroom supplies.

Organise everything your store, put a label on every box you store.

Resolution 4 – Set up a cleaning routine

While dusting and moping are done on a regular basis in most of the households, what about other tasks like cleaning the curtain and changing the bedding? It is best to come up with a cleaning and organizing routine so that all cleaning activities are undertaken in a month without fail. This helps in dividing the cleaning work into manageable portions and spreading it throughout the week. For example; every Mondays can be set aside for cleaning the windows, Tuesdays for cleaning the kitchen appliances and so on.

Resolution 5 – Stick to the cleaning routine

Once the cleaning routine is set up, try to stick to this routine as much as possible. If by any chance you skip the task of a particular day, move on to the task of the next day. Whenever you get time, you can complete the left out task. This way you can ensure that the cleaning routine is followed on time.

The problem with New Year resolution is that there is a great tendency to break the resolution once the days pass. Be firm and make it a point that whatever happens you are not going to break your New Year cleaning resolution. After all, it is for your home and a neat and clean home is the foundation for a healthier family.

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