9 Natural Ways To Keep Pest Out Of The House

9 Natural Ways To Keep Pest Out Of The House

The hot and humid climate of Dubai provides a conducive environment for pests to breed. From cockroaches to ants to flies, there are innumerable varieties of pests in this region. If proper care is not given, these pests can ruin your interiors and even cause allergy and irritation to the elderly and kids. Even though there are a lot of pest control products available commercially, it is always advisable to go for natural products to combat pest menace. Here are few simple and natural ways you can keep the pests at bay.

1) White Vinegar: White vinegar is the best natural product to get rid of ants. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and water and spray it on areas where ants are aplenty. The smell of vinegar helps to keep ants at bay.

Spray white vinegar to keep ants at bay.

2) Herbs: Planting herbs outside the house and in the balcony, is the best way to keep pests from entering your house. Few herbs you can try out are mint, basil and bay leaves.

Plant mint for controlling pest.

3) Cinnamon powder: Sprinkling cinnamon powder in places where bugs are likely to crawl. This will prevent them from entering the house.

Sprinkle cinnamon powder.

4) Onion and cucumber: Keep a slice of onion or cucumber on the kitchen counter. The smell of these kitchen ingredients is sure to keep the pests out of the kitchen area.

5) Citrus peels: If spiders are the biggest nuisance in your house, then use citrus peel to keep them away. Rub citrus peels in areas where spiders are likely to crawl like cupboards and cabinets.

Use citrus peels to keep spiders away.

6) Mint: Pests especially ants dislike the smell of mint. Mix equal portions of peppermint oil and water and spray it in areas where ants roam around. Alternatively, you can also plant mint in your balcony or garden or crumble some leaves and leave it in places where ants move around. Using mint based cream also helps in keeping biting bugs at bay.

7) Ground coffee: The smell of coffee can dissipate the scent trail left by ants. Try to find the entry point of ants and sprinkle ground coffee there. This will prevent ants from further entering the house.

Use ground coffee to keep ants away.

8) Neem oil: Neem oil extracted from Neem tree can repel mosquitoes. The harsh smell of neem oil helps ward off mosquito menace. Combine neem oil and coconut oil and apply it onto the exposed area of the body to keep mosquitoes away.

Over and above all, keeping the house neat and clean goes a long way in preventing pest attack. Clean the food crumbs from kitchen countertops and cabinets regularly. Dispose the garbage daily and keep the surrounding areas neat and clean. Also, make sure that all doors and windows are properly closed and all gaps are neatly sealed using sealants. All these will help in keeping your house pest free.


  1. Hi SUNITHA,

    I like nothing more than reading about healthy natural ways of cleaning and getting rid of unwanted pests. I’m sure most people don’t realise just how powerful natural things are to clean and help keep pets away.

    • Zeynep Gürtanyel - May 6, 2017 reply

      We have to embrace the nature and its power. 🙂 Thank you for leaving a comment. We hope you enjoy our blog.

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