A Few Tricks For Your Guest Room

A Few Tricks For Your Guest Room

The festive season is just around the corner. Lovely times to spend with our family and friends. First Thanksgiving then Christmas. Those wonderful times means more when spent with loved ones. It means it’s perfect timing to check, reorganise or start a guest room. You still have bunch of time to arrange everything. Start thinking what would make you happy when you stay in a place. This is a good way to start organising the guest room. We have some useful tips to help you as well.

Free some space in the closet: If you have an extra room and are using it as a wardrobe you can start with clearing some space for your guest and their belongings. Some empty hangers and an area where they can empty their suitcases would already make feel them home.

Prepare some toiletries: Your guest might bring their own but for those who forget or who already know that you have a basket or tray full of toiletries would be extremely happy at their stay. Who would want to wake up with ruined make-up or unbrushed teeth in the morning? Things you can put in the guest room baskets shortly are toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, body gel and cotton pad along with make-up removers.

Small touches to the room would make it homey.

Make fresh bedding: It’s a spare room so it’s not being used regularly. Don’t forget to have the mattress cleaned regularly. Fresh and clean bedding will be the most desired thing for the guests. You don’t have to match everything perfectly. Just make it comfy and cosy. Add a blanket if it’s the season.

Say a warm welcome: And the room could do that too. With little touches you can make it homey and make your guests feel welcome. This could be freshly picked flowers in a vase or a warm welcoming note. It’s completely up to you.

Place bedside lamps: These lamps are always useful plus always give the room a cosy feeling. You even leave a few books and magazines for your guests to enjoy before bed time.

Place a dirty laundry basket: If your guests are going to stay a little longer enough to wash one round of clothes it would be handy to place a dirty laundry basket.

Gather all the extra cables together: Those extra cables and chargers could be a life saver for your guests if they forgot to take theirs with them. Make sure they have enough plugs in the room.

Pick a few snacks: It would be a lovely gesture to leave a few snacks and water for them in the room. If you have an extra coffee machine laying in the cabinet somewhere it’s a great opportunity make it useful again. Place it in the room along with a few coffee cups.

A few snacks and water is a wonderful way to welcome.

When you start preparing a guest room always consider yourself as a guest and think what would make you happy when you first arrive and during your start. Make sure you have cleaned and freshen up the room. Justmop cleaning services can give you a hand whenever you need. A professional maid service could prepare the room while another professional does the mattress cleaning. Book now!

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