Bring The Thanksgiving Spirit In!

Bring The Thanksgiving Spirit In!

Even though we are grateful for every single day we are excited to show our gratefulness on Thanksgiving day. After all, it’s a beautiful excuse to gather up, eat, drink, enjoy our loved ones’ company and loud laughter. What else you can ask for? If you want to make this day perfect here are a few tips for you.

A centrepiece for your Thanksgiving table: We recommend you go with short ornaments otherwise you will need to move them from the table in order to see each other.

  • How about this three-minute decoration? All you need is a few acorn candles, leaves, pinecones and orange fruits or/and vegetables. It will look simple but chic and neat.
  • Green and white tea lights would give your table an extraordinary look. Use cabbage gourds and pumpkins to bring Thanksgiving to your table.
  • If you can find a wooden box big enough to place tiny pumpkins, gourds, pinecones, red berries, branches and of course candles then you have a perfect colourful centrepiece.

A perfect three-minute decoration item for your Thanksgiving dinner table.

Thanksgiving decorations: Without pumpkin, orange/ red/ yellow dry leaves, cinnamon, or vanilla it’s not Thanksgiving. You don’t need expensive decorations just a bit of imagination.

  • For the perfect Thanksgiving decoration, you only need as many pumpkins as you want to decorate inside or outside your house, wildflowers, twigs and your favourite seasonal items. Carve your pumpkins from the top of each pumpkin. Take the seeds out, clean out the inside of the pumpkins. Arrange your flowers in the pumpkins.
  • If you can find different size pumpkins along with glove sticks and a drill you can make a perfect decoration for your outdoor. Use the drill to make the patterns on the pumpkin. Once you finish drilling carve the lids out and scoop out the insides. Place the glove sticks in and finish it with seasonal flowers or put the lid back on.
  • Another cheap but beautiful decoration would be the jars with fall colours. You can find them online but making them is easy and cheap. You can either pick a word and write each letter on other jar or you can give Thanksgiving messages in each and every jar. The limit is only your imagination.
  • Using garlands to decorate your house will immediately bring the Thanksgiving spirit in the house. You can easily make your own. Buy fall coloured craft paper and print or draw leave shapes. Cut them carefully, hang them on twine or string.

Carve pumpkins and fill them with flowers of your choice.

Season smell: For us, the best smell is the turkey smell but two weeks to go till we cook the turkey. So until then potpourris and a few tricks you will do with candles will bring the fall right into your bedroom.

  • For your home to smell like Thanksgiving you can get help from cinnamon sticks. Get a big glass candle holder and a big fat candle. Place cinnamon sticks around the candle after placing it in the holder. When the candle gets hot your house will be filled with the smell of cinnamon.
  • Another easy way to make your home smell like Thanksgiving is to prepare an autumn stovetop potpourri. Fill a medium size pan half full of water. Set the burner to a low or medium setting. When it’s warm add cinnamon sticks, whole cloves, a few drops of vanilla extract and orange slices. That’s all!

You can make your house smell like autumn.

We wish you and your family a wonderful Thanksgiving. If you need more ideas for the day you can check our post ‘are you are ready to give thanks’ and ‘happy thanksgiving’. Don’t forget to book your maid service in advance so you can have a deep cleaning before the day and get your house ready on time!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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