Celebrate Spring

Celebrate Spring

Spring is the reminder of the circle of life. Flowers are blooming, sky is clear and blue, weather is warm and you feel happy and fresh more then ever. Bring the same joy to your place. Here are few tips to revive your house.

Spring Decoration

Best place to start is your living room since you spend most of your time there. Pastel colours are always messenger of Spring. So adding some pastel pieces like pillows will bring the wanted air to the room. Plant and floral prints will bring the freshness you are looking for.

Plant and floral prints will bring the freshness into your rooms.

Flowers For Your Rooms

We can’t imagine a better way to celebrate Spring other than smelling and seeing beautiful flowers around. Put vases in every single room including the bathroom and kitchen. Select nice smelling Spring flowers and learn the best way to keep them alive for a long time. Change flowers in the vases immediately when they start to fade. This is because they will start spreading bad odour once they start fading.

Put vases in every single room.

Spring Smell

Wouldn’t you be happy if you smell Spring when you step in your house? These portable scents are perfect for you! Place these jars around key areas of your house like entryway, living room or bathroom. You can use any ingredient as you like of course but we have two suggestions for you.

  • Grapefruit slices, fresh sprigs of lavender and whole juniper berries:

Who wouldn’t like the smell of lavender? It is always a reminder of Spring and also a perfect relaxing scent. Mix all, simmer on the stove and voila smell the Spring. You can put the potpourri in jars and place where ever you like.

  • Lime slices, cucumber slices and fresh peppermint leaves:

Although it sounds like a coctail more than a potpourri it is not. Believe us, you will love it! The bursting aroma of cool peppermint with citrus and cucumber gives a clean and fresh scent where ever you place it. If you don’t have fresh herbs you can also use extracts. Put all ingredients in a pot and fill with enough water to cover the ingredients. First boil it then simmer it. Smell of Spring will reach every room. But if you want more of it you can place ingredients into jars and fill them with boiled water. Now you can place them where ever you wish. Be careful as the jars will be hot.

If you don’t have fresh herbs you can also use extracts.

Spring Cleaning

It’s a big deal to decide and start Spring cleaning. If you feel like spare your time for it we made a schedule for you. With following the instructions you can finish it in 1 day. Interested? See this post.
But why would you spend your precious time by cleaning? Go to Justmop and book one of our professional maids for your Spring cleaning.

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