Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Everyone

Clever Kitchen Storage Ideas For Everyone

One of the biggest problems faced in modern day homes is the lack of storage space. This is particularly true in the kitchen where a lot of gadgets and appliances are used. But designers and architects all over the world have come up with clever storage ideas that can be incorporated into every home. Here are a few clever kitchen storage ideas you can try to overcome the storage crunch.

  • Go vertical: This is something that needs to be incorporated at the time of constructing the house. Here, cabinets are placed above arm’s reach so that gadgets that are not required daily like the baking tray and bread maker can be stored. A ladder or a stepper can be used to access these cabinets.
  • Hooks below cabinet: Install hooks below the cabinet so that cups and other cookware can be hung thereby clearing the countertop. This also makes the gadgets easily accessible.

Hooks below kitchen cabinet for hanging your kitchen essentials.

  • Hooks behind kitchen door: Place small hooks behind the kitchen door to hang apron, towels and other accessories that you need daily. This not only makes these items handy but also keeps it hidden from your guest.
  • Hollow island: If you have a kitchen island installed, make it hollow so that you can store your kitchen accessories inside that.

Kitchen island with storage.

  • Conceal grocery bags: If you have a big stash of grocery bags from the nearby super market, do not throw it off. Stuff it inside a wet tissue box and use it as and when required.

Keep grocery bag inside tissue box.

  • Sides of cabinet: If you have space on the sides of your cabinet, use it to hang knives, spoons and cutting boards.
  • Vertical corner shelf: This would be a good option for a small kitchen as the shelf would be compact and provide additional storage space for your kitchen essentials.
  • Vertical bottle holder: Most of the home owners in Dubai purchase drinking water can in a set of 3-4. If you are one such person, you can use vertical bottle holder to store those cans.

    Water bottle rack.

Even before you shift to a new house, make a mental note of the kitchen space and the things you have. That way you can plan where to keep each item to make the better utilization of available space.

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