Clever Tips For Small Linen Closets

Clever Tips For Small Linen Closets

Not everyone is lucky enough to have a lot of storage space as our houses are often small. In that case clever organisation tips can save the day. These hacks will help you to save space, time and effort.

Take everything out: Completely out! This will help you to see exactly what you have. Go through each item, decide if you are going keep it or give it away. If there are holes and gaps on your sheets and not really possible to fix it you can use them for cleaning purposes. If you have too much bedding decide what you really need. Only keep things that are in good condition and what actually can use. Since you took everything out don’t put things back before you clean the shelves. You can do this when you decide to start deep cleaning. It would be an easy start.

Use baskets: Baskets are the best and neatest way to store your linen. You can store seasonal items or the things you use less in the mat baskets. It will keep them clean, fresh and dust-free. Place a lavender sachet to boost the effect. Adding little labels will help you find the things you are looking for and also add a lovely touch to your linen closet.

Roll up your towels: Rolling up your towels will save a huge space and bring an immediate organised look. Not to mention it will be easy to reach the towel you want. You can pile them up on the shelves or store them in metal baskets.

Get help from brackets: If you are looking for more than organising your linen closet but change its look you can use brackets. It will separate linens, towels and other stuff while giving a country look.

Match beddings: The best way to store your sheets is to store them with their pillow cases. After folding the sheets put them in with the matching pillow cases. Next time you change your bed sheet you won’t have to take everything out to find the right one.

Use a hanging organiser: This can be your next favourite thing if you don’t have enough space for your toilet utilities. You can store your extra shampoo, body shampoo, lotion a well as toilet paper and paper towels.

Place sachets: To keep the air fresh in the linen closet and give a long lasting freshness place lavender sachets in your linen closet. The smell will infuse the linens and give you a nice relaxing night sleep when you change your bed sheet and pillow cases.

The key to an organised and tidy linen closet is to keep things simple and minimalistic. You will see it will save you time, space and effort. If you need some professional help around the house or don’t know where to start call Justmop and our professional maid service will be at your service to help!

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