Decorating Tips That Will Make Your House Look Clean

Decorating Tips That Will Make Your House Look Clean

A neat and clean home is every homeowner’s dream. But maintaining it spic and span is not only a cumbersome task but also require lots of patience and time. However, following few simple decorating tips will make your room look as if you have dusted and cleaned it just minutes ago.

Here are few tips that provides that “wow” feel to your room.

Go for an organizer: Whether it is in your living room, bedroom or bathroom, having an organizer will help you keep the place uncluttered and clean. Go for a chair with storage rack on the side so that you can store all newspapers and magazines in it. In the bedroom, hanging a basket on the wall or installing few pegs on the back of the door helps you in hanging and organizing small accessories.

Cover up open shelves: Though open shelves in kitchen makes it easier to locate items, it has the biggest disadvantage of creating an unorganized look if utensils are not kept properly. Hence, always try to go in for closed shelves in the kitchen. In case of glass door, use contact paper or fabric to cover the glass so that the interior is not visible.

Go for closed kitchen cabinets.

Unclutter the exterior of the refrigerator: One of the major reason that a kitchen look uncluttered is the exterior of the refrigerator. Magnets, kid’s artwork, photos all can make not only the refrigerator cramped up and untidy, but it can affect the appearance of the entire kitchen. Remove all unnecessary souvenirs and papers from the refrigerator and stick only those which you think is highly essential like a reminder list.

Stick only those which you think is highly essential like a reminder list.

Clear up the sink: As far as possible, try not to leave any unclean dishes in the sink. A sink full of dishes is an unwelcoming sight. If you are not able to finish the chore, then keep all the dishes inside the dishwasher so that it remains out of sight.

Clear the bedroom walls: It is a very common sight to see teen’s bedroom walls with all sorts of pictures and scribbles. Though it is very hard to make your teen understand, you can at least try to reduce the number of posters and pictures on the wall or stick it in a more organized manner.

Clear the floor: The floor in all the rooms should have only furniture. Keep aside all toys, books or any other item that you feel would provide a disorganized look to the room.

Last but not the least try to create a public and private space inside your room. Public space can be living room or dining room which can be easily accessed by your guest. Try to keep these rooms organized at all times. After all, you do not want your guests to see all those uncluttered and cramped up look of your house.

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