Easy Cleaning Tips for Eid

Easy Cleaning Tips for Eid

The fasting is soon to be over and the fearing will start. Such a wonderful and peaceful time ahead to be spent with the family and loved ones. We are sure you have already started the preparations but if you feel like time is not on your side we have a few easy cleaning tips to make your home cleaning a bit easier.

Cleaning tote: The best thing you can do for yourself while cleaning would be to prepare a tote to put all your cleaning supplies in. It would save you time and effort. All the products will be in the same place and you will be able to notice which one needs to be refilled before it’s too late.

Dryer sheets: As it’s weird to hear dryer sheets are not only for laundry purposes but it will also save you time on dusting. Anti-static chemicals in dryer sheets will easily grab the dust on your baseboards, every corner of the house and furnishings. You can also make your faucets shine again with dryer sheets.

Baby oil: You were just thinking that it can’t get any weirder than that but it does. Baby oil is great for keeping your stainless steel appliances shiny and fingerprint free. You can also try a bit of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon essential oil. Don’t forget to use a microfiber cloth to buff the oil out.

Vanilla extract: If you want your house smells inviting and the cosy best thing to do after cleaning is to place a few drops of vanilla extract on your lightbulbs. Every time they heat up your house will smell heavenly.

Iron: If you noticed annoying stains on the carpet it’s better to call professionals for carpet cleaning. But if you want to deal with it by yourself then grab your iron and keep reading. Make a mixture using white vinegar and water. Apply it onto the stains, take a towel and lay flat over it. Set your iron to the highest level of steam and leave it for a few seconds. The towel will absorb the stains.

Wax paper and coffee grounds: You may think what on earth will I do with wax paper and coffee grounds. Well, when it comes to home cleaning everything can be paired with everything. If you had enough of cleaning your fridge use wax papers for covering your fridge’s shelves. Once you finished with that to keep the air fresh in the fridge place an open bowl filled with ground coffee.

Car vent air fresheners: Especially when holidays are around the corner your house will be full of guests. It means your bathroom will receive high traffic. You can keep your bathroom fresh with the help of car vent air fresheners. Just hang them discreetly on the shower curtain.

Cylinder container: All you need to do is to find a container that won’t leak. Fill it with 1/4 of your favourite cleaning solution and place the toilet brush in it. The toilet brush will always stay clean.

We really hope these tricks help you to get your house ready for Eid and for your guests. But these helpful tricks won’t save you from home cleaning. We recommend you book professional deep cleaning before Eid so you and your guests can enjoy your home and a lovely holiday.

Happy Eid to you and your family!

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