Essentials for Your Guest Room

Essentials for Your Guest Room

Now that Eid is just around the corner we can start talking about organising your guest room. The holidays are amazing times to spend with family and friends. It also means you may have house guests. Creating an inviting and comfortable guest room helps guests feel comfortable and cared for. Giving your guests a cosy room and making them feel comfy will make you feel good too. When you organise your guest room think about the things that make you comfortable when you stay at someone’s house.

Welcoming: Several bunches of flowers or a handwritten note is something to make your guests feel welcomed. These little touches will also make your guest room cosy and homey. You can create a corner for flowers, notes, your wifi information and a spare set of house keys.

You can easily make your guest room with a guest welcoming table.

Bedding: Make sure that the bedding is comfortable, fresh and clean. You don’t have to match everything to make the perfect room. You can mix and match whatever you have. Don’t forget to leave blankets no matter what is the season. Have your guest mattress cleaned regularly. Justmop mattress cleaning services will clean your mattress in 30 minutes. To keep your guest room linen fresh all the time store them with a lavender sachet.

Closet space: If you are using your guest room as a storage room make sure that you clear out enough space in the closet or drawers for your guests. You can also give them something to place their suitcase on for easy access. Empty hangers would be a nice gesture as they might pack a couple of nice outfits.

Bathroom essentials: Some of your guests might bring their own products, but for those who forgot it would be a life saviour if you welcome them with a basket or a tray full of bathroom essentials. You can fill the basket with shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, toothbrushes, blow dryer, feminine hygiene products, lotion, shower gel, disposable razors, hair ties, face cleanser. It would be also nice to get fluffy fresh face and shower towels ready for them before they arrive.

Welcome your guests with a guest tray.

First aid kit: Small incidents may happen. It’s better to place a small first aid kit and bandages in your guest room. You can also supply a nightlight or flashlight to avoid your guest stumble during nights.

Snacks and drinks: Place a bottle of water with a couple of glass next to the bed. You can even place a kettle and a basket filled with tea bags, coffee, sugar, and snacks.

Bedside lamps: If your guest room doesn’t have bedside lamps it would be a great idea to add one for each side of the bed. You can leave some reading material like your city’s magazine, a novel or guidebooks beside the lamps. It would be nice if you could also place a clock by the bedside. Many people have the habit to check the clock first thing when they open their eyes.

Bedside lamps are essential items for guest rooms.

Charging stations: It’s the technology age. Everyone has smartphones, tablets and laptops. It means they will need many plugs to charge their electronic stuff. It would be lovely to leave a few extra cables for their devices if you have any spare ones.

Dirty laundry basket: If your guests are planning to stay for a while it would be handy for them if you place a dirty laundry basket in their room.

Above all of the tips, we gave the first thing to be done is deep cleaning your guest room to prepare for your new guests. Book a maid now and get your guest room ready for Eid!

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