For An Organized Home Toss These Things Right Away

For An Organized Home Toss These Things Right Away

Who doesn’t like an organized, well-kept home? Well, everyone likes it. But keeping the home organized is not an easy task. With different family members having different taste and way of life, it becomes very difficult to keep the home well organized. But the trick in organizing a home lies in tossing away few things. These are the things that create an unkempt and cramped up feel to the house.

Here are few such things which when thrown out can create a more organized feel to the house.

Paper: Paper in all forms can create clutter. Whether it is newspaper, magazine or your kid’s story book if it is not properly organized it can create a cluttered look. Recycle or reuse as much paper as possible. Try to dispose of unwanted papers even before it enters the house. If you receive monthly bills or receipts in paper form, opt for soft copies.

Clothes: Clothes, if not properly stored can create a cluttered look. Make sure that all the washed clothes are folded and stored as soon as it becomes dry. All soiled clothes should be stored in the laundry bin. Clothes once used should be neatly hung on a cloth stand or inside the wardrobe.

A well organised closet will also save you time.

Footwear: Make it a habit to keep the footwear in the rack once you are home. If you have kids at home chances are high that your footwear stock will also be huge. Throw away or donate that footwear that you no longer require.

Keep the footwear in the rack once you are home.

Toys: Toys strewn all over the house is a common sight in houses with kids. Try to keep toy collection to a minimum. If your child has a lot of toys, then take out only a few at a time. Keep the rest of the toys hidden. If your child has outgrown certain toys, then donate it to charity or give it to your relatives or friends.

Take out only a few toys at a time. Keep the rest of the toys hidden.

Stationery: Whether it is pen, pencil, crayons or color pencil, it can create a messed-up look if not properly stored. That stationery which your child no longer require should be donated to charity. Encourage your child to keep the stationery back in place after using it. The same applies even to craft supplies like scissors and papers.

E-waste: E-waste is becoming a huge menace all over the world. While buying new electronic products, try to get the old gadget exchanged. If gadgets are damaged beyond repair, get it recycled immediately.

Kitchen utensils: Only purchase those kitchen utensils that you feel is really essential. If you have excess utensil, try to use it in a creative way. For eg; bottles can be reused as a flower vase. Large glass bowls can be used as a fish tank.

Decluttering is the base of an organized home. Once you throw away all the unnecessary products, it becomes easy to clean the house.

What are you waiting for? Start the decluttering work right away.

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