Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving

Is it the stuffed turkey’s smell? Not having falling leaves doesn’t mean that we can’t get in the mood for the fall and celebrate Thanksgiving, right? Delicious food, lots of laughter and moments spent with loved ones, what else can we ask for? Here are a few tips for you to get ready for Thanksgiving.

Turkey: Thanksgiving without a turkey isn’t Thanksgiving! As we mentioned in our last year’s Thanksgiving post choosing the right one is very important, and it’s better not to leave it to the last minute to buy a turkey. But if you do you will find a tip here.

Don’t leave choosing the right turkey to the last minute.

Appetizers: We trust in your cooking skills and don’t imply anything. 🙂 But offering some delicious appetizers would be a nice, warm welcoming for your guests.

  • Roasted balsamic cranberry and brie crostini: A very easy and yummy starter for the day. Whisk together 2 tbs olive oil and 2 tbs melted butter in a small bowl. Brush both sides of the baguette slices. In another bowl stir together 12 ounces fresh cranberries, 2tbs balsamic, 1/2 cup sugar and 1tbs rosemary. Use a baking sheet and spread these onto it. Roast for five minutes then add the baguette slices and roast for another five minutes. Flip the slices and roast 4 minutes more. Top each baguette with a slice of brie and a spoonful of cranberries.

It will only take half an hour to prepare this delicious starter.

  • Ultimate cheese plate with roasted grapes: Hey, it’s Thanksgiving! Everything is about the roast. This is another roasted, delicious and easy-to-make starter. Preheat the oven to 450F. Spread the grapes on the baking sheet. Toss the grapes with olive oil, salt, and pepper. Place thyme and rosemary among the grapes. Roast around 10-12 minutes. Transfer them to a large board. Arrange brie, cheddar, ricotta, or any kind of cheese you like along with almonds, figs, crackers, and baguettes.

Delicious cheese meet roasted juicy grapes.

Decorations: Fall means pumpkins, leaves, cinnamon, and vanilla.

  • You can use all of these as a decoration item for your Thanksgiving table. Use little different colored pumpkins, a few leaves (probably fake ones in Dubai) as a runner. Place a few vanilla scented candles surrounded by cinnamon sticks. As the candles heat up the vanilla and cinnamon scents will be mixed.
  • You can paint big pumpkins white and write short Thanksgiving quotes on them with gold paint. They will make a great Thanksgiving decoration for your house.
  • You can use printable cards or quotes to bring the Thanksgiving mood in your house. You can easily find many online. Use a wooden frame and place around the house.

Use pumpkins and printables as a decoration item.

After all of these preparations, your house will definitely need a touch from a professional cleaner. Don’t ruin your day thinking about the cleaning. Book a maid service online and enjoy!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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