How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home?

How To Choose The Right Vacuum Cleaner For Your Home?

One of the inevitable cleaning product, the vacuum cleaner, comes in all shapes and sizes. While the small ones are ideal for cleaning your car seats and small mats, the bigger ones, with more fittings, are ideal for cleaning your sofas and mattresses. Owing to the different brands and varieties of vacuum cleaners available in the market, it becomes quite confusing when you have to make a purchase decision.

Which is the vacuum cleaner that is right for you? Here are few tips to selecting the right vacuum cleaner for your home.

  • Requirement: The first and foremost deciding factor is your requirement. Do you need the vacuum cleaner only for cleaning the floor? Or do you require the same for cleaning hard to reach spots like above light fixtures and top of curtain rods? If it is the latter, then the vacuum cleaner might require some special attachments. In such cases, a canister vacuum cleaner would be ideal.
  • Traffic of the room: If the vacuum cleaner is meant mainly for cleaning the carpet, then the traffic of the room should be the considered. If the house has kids and pets then the chances of carpet getting soiled fast are high. In such cases, select a vacuum cleaner with aggressive bristles on a revolving brush. Such cleaners help in bringing the soil to the surface of the carpet from deep underneath from where it can be vacuumed and cleaned easily.
  • Type of carpet fiber: Carpets can be made of natural or synthetic fiber. If it is made of natural fiber like wool, then it should be handled with care. A vacuum cleaner with flexible bristles and revolving brush should be used. In the case of synthetic carpets, a vacuum cleaner with more aggressive bristles can be used as such carpets are durable.
  • Ease of use: The vacuum cleaner you buy should be lightweight and easy to operate. This is especially so if the cleaner is used by kids of the house. If you already have a vacuum cleaner, make sure that the new one overcomes the difficulties faced by you with the present vacuum cleaner.
  • Bag vs bagless vacuum cleaner: If you have asthma patients in the house, it is advisable to go for a bagless vacuum cleaner as you are spared from the hassle of emptying and cleaning the bag. The dust from the bag can make the room messy and difficult for asthma patients.
  • Pet hair feature: If you have pets at home, then cleaning their hair from sofas and carpets is a cumbersome task. Hence, select vacuum cleaner that has special attachment to clear the pet hair.

The choice of a vacuum cleaner is purely personal. A machine that suits one may not be suitable for another. Hence, a careful evaluation of the above factors helps in taking the right purchase decision.

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