How To Clean Up After A Christmas party?

How To Clean Up After A Christmas party?

Christmas is just days away. While you must be busy planning the Christmas décor and the party that follows, the thought of cleaning up after the party would never have crossed your mind. But it is a reality. Though daunting and boring, there is no escape from the cleaning chore.

Here are a few tips that make your Christmas party clean up a bit easy.

Clear the kitchen: First things first. Do not leave the kitchen as it is once the cooking is over. Clean it as you go. Remove all the cooking utensils and put it in the dishwasher. Clean the kitchen countertop, scrub and clean the spills, if any.

Clear the floor: Once the party is over, clear all the titbits from the floor. Popped up balloons, paper towels, torn off decoration items etc. can make the floor look messy. Sweep and clean the floor as you go.

Dispose of the garbage: Before the party begins, place garbage bags at strategic locations. This way guests themselves will help you clean up the mess unknowingly. Once the party is over, it will be easy for you to collect all the bags and dispose of.

Clean the carpet and sofa: Stains and dirt are the biggest culprits when it comes to sofa and carpet. If there are any spills or stains, blot them dry with a paper towel. Spray white vinegar solution on it and leave it for few minutes. Slowly blot the area dry. Repeat this till the stain is completely removed.

Clear the Christmas décor: Though most of the people leave the Christmas décor as such till the New Year, it is best to remove and store it if you are planning to use it the next year as well. Wreaths, Christmas tree décor, bells, paper lanterns etc. are a few items that can be removed. You can leave the illuminating lights on until the New Year is over.

Dismantle the Christmas tree: Most of the houses in Dubai will have artificial Christmas tree. Dismantle the same and store it in the box as per the storing instructions. Always remember to remove all the decoration items from the tree before storing it. Also, cover it properly with paper or cloth so that it does not accumulate dust.

The best way to reduce the stress after a Christmas party is to plan well in advance. Keeping things ready for an after party clean up and encouraging family members to help you out will go a long way in reducing the stress. If you feel like you need help of a professional then you can book a cleaning company.

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