How to Create Extra Storage for Small Houses

How to Create Extra Storage for Small Houses

Flat sizes can be a big problem in Dubai. If you are lucky enough you have an extra room or area for storage. But if you are lacking extra space clever built-ins are a great way to get the most out of your space. Clever built-ins will also help you control the clutter as you will have space for the things you really need.

  • The shelves around the door will give a neat look while supplying you necessary extra storage. Depending on the room you can use them for books, kitchen supplies, linens, towels or cleaning supplies.

The shelves around the could be a good idea to store your stuff.

  • Shelves above the radiator would give you extra space for photo frames, plants, lamps or books.
  • A built-in shelf above the door could be used to store stuff you occasionally need.
  • In a really small house, even a small area counts as extra storage. If you have stairs a clever touch can turn them into storage space. A stair landing that flips up to reveal a little storage area may be the answer to your extra storage prayers. A custom made under stair closet would look neat while storing many items.

Stair landing that flips is all you need in a small house.

  • You can turn your hallway into a chic storage space with a shelf wall to wall. If you are a bookworm this would be a good place to show off and store your library.
  • If your bedroom is way too small for nightstands you can recess a shelf between walls. It will look chic and serve the cause.
  • An entire set of cabinets around the bed would look like a bit from the ’70s but would store more than you think or even you need.
  • Drawers under the bed are all you need when you have no storage for seasonal clothing or linen. You can use the drawers for almost everything.

Drawers under the bed is a good way to store seasonal clothing.

  • If you have a high ceiling you can build a platform for the bed. It will set the bed apart from the rest of the space while supplying a large storage area.
  • A long and low console could be what you need to store books, magazines, decorative items and so on. You can place it under a window.

You can store your books and magazines under the windows.

  • The weird niches in your house without any purpose may now have a purpose. You can turn them into a desk or extra-storage areas by built-in shelves.
  • Invest in a kitchen island. It would store many things and prevent cluttering in the kitchen. You can remove the doors on it if you don’t have space to open them.
  • Utilise the back of your cabinet doors as well as the cabinet sides. You can use the space to hang your kitchen utensils.
  • Hanging organisers might be what you are looking for. You can use it in every room of the house. They will help you to organise and also store many things.

Hanging organisers will help you store many small items like tablets, books, chargers etc.

  • Maximising the vertical space is the key to organising any tiny room. Use tiered baskets to keep your stuff together and organised.
  • You can install a cabinet over your toilet or use a ladder to organise your toiletries.
  • Optimise the corner space by installing floating shelves. These shelves will be a decorative item as well as a storage area.

A couple of these hacks will suit your house and give you extra storage for sure. But extra storage doesn’t mean you get to keep everything. Before picking the ones that suit you and your house declutter your house and only keep what you really use or need. Fewer things mean easy home cleaning, even easy deep cleaning. If you need help to sort out your stuff and declutter Justmop professional cleaning services will be at your service.

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