How to Get Organised in Your Home & Why

How to Get Organised in Your Home & Why

Many researches show that clutter reduces your quality of life and makes focusing difficult more than it already is. Clutter occupies your mind subconsciously and tires you constantly, even in your sleep. We want to show how easily you can obtain a better life with just a few tricks.

Decluttering: It’s the main element of a well-organised home. Maybe you are thinking while reading that if it was possible to do it easily you would have done it by now. Well, actually it is not as difficult as you think. Take baby steps. Don’t overwhelm yourself with the work. Do what you can, but do! Declutter your house room by room. It may take days but at the end, you won’t find yourself exhausted. But we have to warn you that decluttering is not a one-time thing. You have to do it on a regular basis. After the big decluttering action you can keep it tidy by spending two minutes every day. For more check this post.

Giving away: Let’s admit it! We have too much stuff in the house. You hold on to many things and clothes just because you might need it in the future. But you might not, either. If you haven’t used in a year it’s obvious that you won’t use it again. So why keep in the house? Take three boxes and put labels on them; sell, donate, trash. If it is in good shape, still wearable then donate. If it is still usable then sell. Neither of both? Then throw them away.

Keep the boxes in sight and fill them regularly.

Shopping: Yes you read correctly, shopping! Money towards getting your home organised is an investment. Luckily you don’t have to spend a fortune thanks to stores like IKEA. Optimise your space with the right storage accessories such as shelves, hooks, bins, boxes.

Now let’s talk about why you should organise your house. What are the pros?

  • Less is more! After decluttering and giving unnecessary stuff away you will end up with less things. An organised home with less things will instantly look cleaner.
  • Home cleaning and deep cleaning would be a much easier task when there is less stuff in an organised home. This means you would spend less time cleaning and more for other entertaining things.
  • Clutter or too much stuff makes it difficult for you to relax, both physically and mentally. It signals your brain that the work hasn’t finished. Declutter for a more peaceful home.
  • Clutter blocks creativity and productivity. Especially if you work from home this is more important. But even if you are not, wouldn’t you want to spend your days more productive?

A decluttered house would increase your productiveness.

The time we spend at home is very precious and we should make the best of it. If you feel lost and still don’t know where to start there are professionals out there to help you. A maid service can offer professional help to get rid of the clutter and clean. With the help of a housekeeping service or by yourself make your home sweet home.

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