How to Get Ready for the Best Christmas Party

How to Get Ready for the Best Christmas Party

Getting ready for any gathering is not easy at all. Things get even more difficult for special days such as Christmas. We don’t have to say it’s our favourite time of the year. We can hear the jingle bells as we write this post. That’s why we want you to have a perfect day with your loved ones. Follow our leads and everything will be just fine.

Getting your house ready: We all have busy days and it gets even busier close to the end of the year. But don’t panic if you haven’t planned Christmas thoroughly yet. Book a maid service for two cleaning sessions, one for before and one for after Christmas. That way you will decrease the hassle and focus only the preparations. Leave the home cleaning to the professionals.

We have a few lovely decoration ideas for you.

  • Edible snow globes: We all like snow globes but most of us have had enough of them. But what if we show how cool they can still be? All you need is big glass jars, bell glasses, Christmas concept cookies and sugar to be pretended as snow. Those will look gorgeous around the house and keep your house smell like the holidays as you will be baking a lot.

Edible snow gloves will be your guests’ favourite.

  • Evergreen stars: If you are into DIY projects and like to show off your skills, this project is for you. You need basswood strips, wood glue and greens such as juniper, boxwood or whatever you can find. Make the shape you want with the strips, fix them using glue. Cut your greenery into pieces the same lengths as the sections of the wooden strips. Glue the greenery to the sticks.

Evergreen stars are easy to make decorations pieces for your Christmas party.

  • Bay leaves wrapped candles: It’s simple as it sounds. Grab white and red candles, bay leaves and Christmas coloured ribbon. Glue the leaves around the candles and wrap it around with the ribbon.

Bay leaves wrapped candles can be used all year long as they are timeless.

Getting your dinner table ready: Isn’t it great to be surrounded with your loved ones having lovely and long dinners? You don’t need much to make your dinner table perfect. Love is all we need. Just a few simple touches to make it more special.

  • Mini wreaths place cards: Your guests will want to take these lovely place cards home with them. Use fir branches, wire and small pieces of paper to make your mini wreaths.

Mini wreath place cards will make great souvenirs for your guests.

  • Red and green centrepiece: The best centrepiece for your table is the one that is there but doesn’t distract your guest or the one which you don’t have to move around to see your guests. A few candles along the centre of the table, surrounded with green branches of your choice and red berries are all you need for the perfect centrepiece.

An effortless but beautiful centrepiece for your Christmas dinner.

Getting your gifts ready: Christmas presents are already special even without wrapping. But one of the many things we love about presents is opening the wrapping, isn’t it? You can make it special without putting much effort into it.

  • Presents with evergreens and name tags: Because the wrap itself will stand out we recommend you to use brown or white craft paper. Along with the paper you need green branches or leaves, twine and paper name tags. When you finish wrapping before making a bow, slip the name tag on the twine. Slip the sprig, branches or berries under each bow.

You can make your presents very unique with just a few touches.

  • Presents with mini wreath name tags: We recommend neutral wrapping paper again so the mini wreaths can stand out. Use fake wired pine stems to make the mini wreaths. Cut out mini banners from cardstock and tape them onto wreaths. Attach the wreaths to gifts with a ribbon.

Your loved ones will love their gifts even more with these special wreath name tags.

If you need more creative ideas for Christmas don’t forget to check our last years’ posts. We bet you will find a few ideas to touch your heart. Have yourself a holly jolly Christmas.

Merry Christmas!

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