How to Get Rid Of Bad Odours in the Kitchen

How to Get Rid Of Bad Odours in the Kitchen

Cooking may not be your favourite hobby but at some point, we’re all involved with it even if you just heat up your takeout. The fish and chips, spicy curry or whatever is you are happy to see on the table can turn into a weird odour the next day. There are a few inexpensive steps that you can follow for a welcoming and fresh air in your kitchen.

Close the kitchen door: This will prevent the odour from travelling to every single room in your house. Fabrics can easily absorb odours if you let them. If you have an open kitchen then make sure that you closed all the available doors and closet doors. This way you won’t be sleeping in the arms of chicken masala. When it’s too late to take precautions and your house already smells like your kitchen then it’s better to call some help. Professional curtain cleaning, sofa cleaning or soft cleaning services are actually what you need to make your house smell appealing again.

Ventilate: It’s the best way to fight back the odour. Ventilate every way you can. If you have a vent over your stove use it every time you cook. If you don’t have one alternatively you can use air conditioner but you have to change the filters regularly otherwise it will push the bad odour back in your house. Opening windows helps too.

Ventilate your kitchen every way you can when you cook.

Clean up: We hear you, sometimes you are way to exhausted, you barely find the energy to cook and eat. You don’t want to touch the dishes which leads you regretting the very next morning when you wake up to a pan full of stinky oil sitting on the stove. Washing the appliance you used and wiping up the splatters around the kitchen would give you a fresh kitchen right away.

Take the garbage away: Never leave the garbage inside especially when you have greasy and smelly food residue. It will get worse overnight and make the odour stomach churning. If you have garbage disposal clean it as well. You can simply throw a few lemon or orange peels down the drain and run the disposal. You can also prepare lemon ice bombs to sanitise the disposal. Slice lemons, put a piece in each ice cube mould, fill it with white vinegar. When they are all frozen you can throw a few in, to sanitise the disposal.

Stovetop potpourri: You can try this whenever you want to freshen your house. You can change the ingredients depending on the time of the year to bring the spirit into the house such as holiday times. Just pick your favourite herbs and spices, boil a bowl of water and add these in. The air will immediately change in the kitchen once the water is boiled.

Vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds: These products are known for their ability to absorb odours. If the bad odour is stubborn you can leave a bowl of vinegar, baking soda or coffee grounds on the countertop. You will see all the odour will be absorbed overnight.

Bake your favourite cookie: This will make the house smells welcoming for anyone. Baking will cover up unpleasant cooking scents. And who can resist freshly baked cookies anyway?

Baking your favourite cookie will fight back the bad odour in your kitchen.

Every good thing comes with a price so does cooking your favourite meal. But luckily there are many ways to prevent the hassle. The best would be to get a full-time maid not to deal with any mess which would also save you time for better things. Another option is to have regular soft cleaning, curtain cleaning and sofa cleaning sessions to keep the house welcoming and fresh. The last but not least would be having regular deep cleaning session from a professional cleaning company. Book Justmop cleaning services right after you enjoy that delicious meal!

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