How To Organise Your Linen Closet

How To Organise Your Linen Closet

Since we started the new year with lots of organisational ideas let’s keep it that way! Organise every single part of your life and house. This time we want to show you a few ideas for your linen closet. Baskets, kitchen baskets, and labels will be your best friend in the process.

Right Folding/Storing Techniques

The best thing to start with is to learn how to fold and store your linen. Especially if you mostly use fitted sheets, you know better than any one else that it’s not easy to keep them organised in the closet. But the right technique will help you on this one.

Fold top third of the sheet down.

Fold bottom third of sheet up.

Take sides and bring to the middle.

Et voila!

After folding your sheets nice and tight, put them in a matching pillow case. This will make your closet will look neat and tidy. Also when you need to change the bed sheets everything you need will be in one place.

Put spare sheet sets inside matching pillow cases.

Baskets, Kitchen Shelves, Labels

Start with grouping the stuff you want to store in your linen closet. We insist on keeping things minimalist. Get rid of things you don’t and won’t use. Less stuff will make your closet look more organised and it will also save you time.

Get help from baskets or bins. You can choose mat baskets for a more appealing closet. You can store the things you use less or seasonal things that you won’t be using until next season in the baskets.

Group the stuff you want to store.

Using little labels can save you time and effort since you won’t be able to see easily what you put inside the baskets.

Label cabinet contents.

You can prefer kitchen shelves for the things you frequently use like towels. Place them somewhere you can easily reach. Store towels rolled up for more space and a more organised look.

Roll up towels.

If you like country style you will like this one. Use brackets to organise and separate linens, towels and other stuff you store in the closet. You can tie matching bed sheets and pillow cases with a ribbon to save time for the next time you need to change the sheets.

Organise your linens with brackets on shelves and in closets.

Tip: Place sachets of your favourite scents in your linen closet. It will keep the air fresh and give a long lasting freshness to your linens.

Place sachets around the closet.

Keep things simple and minimalist in your life and in your house. It will help you to stay organised and focused.

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