How to Organise Small Linen Closets

How to Organise Small Linen Closets

If you are suffering from a lack of storage space like many people living in Dubai then you should take clever steps and level up your organisational skills. We gathered clever organisational tips for your linen closet so you can save space, time and most importantly effort.

Beddings: The first thing we would recommend is to match beddings and store each sheet in its pillowcase. This way you will save space and your closet will look organized. Next time you change your bedding you won’t need to take everything out. Place lavender sachets in pillowcases along with the sheets to keep the air fresh in your linen closet. The smell will infuse the linens and give you a nice relaxing sleep. Don’t forget to have your mattress cleaned regularly for better sleep as well.

Match your beddings and store them in their pillowcases.

Towels: After beddings, towels take up most of the storage space, but if only you don’t know how to store them. Roll up your towels and store them in baskets or pile them up on the shelves. Again, you can put lavender sachets to keep your towels fresh.

Baskets: You can use baskets to store almost everything you wish. Mat baskets are perfect to store seasonal items like duvets and blankets. Bedding can be stored in those mat baskets as well because most of them have a lid so your bedding would stay clean and fresh longer. Lavender sachets would boost this effect if you place one in each basket. If you are planning to use more than one adding small labels would help you to remember which basket has what.

Baskets are essential for any closet organisation.

Brackets: If you are after a country style and not just looking for organisers then brackets might be what you are looking for. It will separate linens, towels and other stuff while making your linen closet look very neat and like something straight from a magazine.

Hanging organiser: A great way to add some extra storage space for your linen closet. You can store towels and also toilet utilities. Extra shampoo, body lotion, toilet paper or paper towels can directly go there.

We shared clever tips to organise your linen closet but before using these, there is one thing you should do: eliminate what you have. Take everything out of the linen closet and go through each item. Decide what stays what doesn’t. If there are holes and gaps that can’t be fixed, recycle them by using for cleaning purposes. Give away what you don’t need. Only keep what you really need and use. This way deep cleaning will be easier too.

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