How To Prepare Your Home For The Forthcoming Summer Months

How To Prepare Your Home For The Forthcoming Summer Months

It’s summer time again in UAE. Though summer is yet to set in officially, you all can feel the pinch of summer. From the humidity that builds up during day time and the scorching rays of the sun that make you run indoor, summer has slowly started showing its true color.

While your wardrobe goes for a revamp to beat the summer heat, you hardly pay any attention to your home and its interiors. Do you know that bringing about small changes to your interiors can make a big difference in beating the summer heat? Here are few tips and tricks to beat the forthcoming summer months.

  • Go green: Try to bring in as many green plants as possible inside your house. This not only provides a cool look to your interiors but also improves the indoor air quality. If you have a balcony, plant few greens that can withstand UAE summer like cactus and Plumeria.

    Plant indoor plants to create a cool atmosphere.

  • Change the indoor accessories: Changing indoor accessories like curtain and bedspread can bring about lot of changes to your interior. Instead of thick, dark curtains, go for sheer curtains that not only let in more light but also provides a breezy look to the interiors. Similarly, instead of synthetic bedspread go for cotton ones that can provide a more comfortable feel while in bed.

    Use sheer curtain to bring in an airy feel.

  • Spruce up your wall: If you are planning to change the indoor wall color, then go for cool and soothing colors. Shades of blue and green would be the ideal choice as it provides a cool feel to the interiors. You can even go for wall papers of this color.

    Go for cool and soothing color like blue during summer.

  • Service the air conditioner: The air conditioning system in the house should be serviced well ahead of time as it is required 24/7 once summer sets in. The filter should be replaced at periodic intervals so that the machine works at 100% efficiency.
  • Fill the gaps: Gaps in doors and windows should be closed using a sealant or some alternative method. This ensures that the cool air inside the house does not escape fast.
  • Install shades on the exterior: If you are living in an independent villa, chances are high for your house to get heated fast. To prevent this install shades on the exterior of the villa so that direct heat of the sun does not fall on the house.
  • Garden: Maintaining your garden can be tricky during the harsh summer months. Remove all the plants that does not withstand summer heat. Water rest of the plants before 8am and after 6 pm so that the moisture does not get evaporated fast.
  • Pool: If you have an outdoor swimming pool, it would be wise to cover it to prevent water from evaporating.

Summer in UAE doesn’t need to be so bad if proper planning is done well ahead of time. Since it is hot in UAE during the major part of the year, you do not have to worry about investing for short term. Whatever changes you have made to the interior can remain permanent. And don’t worry about the mess, Justmop has got you covered!


  1. Reenie Jack - August 30, 2017 reply

    Before the summer season points that you have to discuss is important for the home owner and air conditioner maintenance and repairing are mandatory. In during the summer season, air conditioner very busy and not instant cleaning services.

    • Zeynep Gürtanyel - October 19, 2017 reply

      You are absolutely right! Thank you for sharing this information with us!

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